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Federer twins. And why has Federer turned Mirka’s mom into an unpaid nanny?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 17, 2010


13 Responses to “Federer twins. And why has Federer turned Mirka’s mom into an unpaid nanny?”

  1. Annie said

    They are so sooo sweet 😀 Already look like best friends.

  2. clifford said

    I think Grandma’s love the work!

    • M said

      I’m positive they do, Clifford. I think she’d be mad if someone tried to farm “her job” out.

      (That little one closest to Grandma – is that Charlene? She looks like she’s already got Daddy’s eye *and* his stride! Look at her – that’s Roger’s “backhand” look!)

      • Jenny said

        I’m not a grandmother myself, but agree with Clifford and M. My neighbour is always looking after her grandkids.

  3. claire said

    I don’t this the one with white hair is Mirka’s Mom! I’ve seen pictures of her and she appeared heavier!
    Federer’s Mom is in some of the pictures!

    These pictures are so cute! 🙂 🙂

  4. P said

    The old lady with Lynette is not Mirka’s mom, she is the British nanny who has been with the twins since they were born.
    Now TP don’t start asking why Federer has turned his own mother into a nanny , it’s quite obvious Lynette is loving it like any grandma

  5. Zorana said

    I absolutely hate it when they dress twins in the same outfit….

    • Bettyjane said

      lol Zorana, but at least the outfits are adorable and don’t have some provocative expression strewn across their chests like you’d see in some Wal-Mart attire.

  6. Growltiger said

    They’re darling and twins should be dressed alike at that age. As they grow older, they’ll decide when they want to dress differently.

    Roger’s mother is enjoying her grandchildren, guaranteed, especially since they have a nanny.

  7. xeres said

    I now refer to the twins as Federinas 🙂 *hoping they’ll have Fed’s ballerina like steps*

    I couldn’t help but wonder how the bryan twins looked when they were twins 🙂
    Bob once tweeted that they ask Federer how the twins are doing…think about that ..IF
    Federinas pick up the racket the Bryans don’t have to wonder what to do post retirement 😀

  8. DK said

    At the US Open Roger said that the girls have learned how to give him kisses. He said that it was very cute. He was beaming when he talked about them — I can see why. They are just darling — so adorable !

  9. Carolee said

    The white outfits were the first ones they wore that were alike… I think Rog is getting them ready for Wimbledon doubles! Usually, they wear different colors.

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