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Rafael Nadal and Pinto hit the links. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 17, 2010



12 Responses to “Rafael Nadal and Pinto hit the links. From M. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    I really enjoyed it, I bet Rafa’s fun to be with. Thanks M.

    • M said

      You’re quite welcome, Jenny! I thought it was a great interview. 😀

      I would *love* to have Pinto’s job. He always gets the #1 and #2 in the world laughing.
      Remember that vid of his interview with Roger, when Roger couldn’t stop laughing?

  2. Somebody Else said

    Enjoyed this interview. I like the way he pronounces ‘doubts’ just like it’s spelled.

    • M said

      I know, right? It’s onomatopoeic. 😀
      I think the way he says it is exactly what doubting feels like.

      Also, I wish my Spanish was as melodic as Rafa’s English.
      (Spanish people say I speak well but I always think they’re just fibbing to be nice.)

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Pinto’s hilarious. For a guy who hangs out with the best tennis players, it’s unusual to see the rest of him hanging out as well!

  4. banti said

    Thanks M. Nice interview with Rafa. His English is like 200% better from like 2 years ago.

    • M said

      I agree, Banti. I think his hard work and improvement in English are downplayed by detractors.

      I’d love to see how they’d get along in Spanish, or Catalàn.

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