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Six most disliked sports personalities in the US.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 17, 2010

LeBron is now the sixth most disliked sports personality, according to The Q Score Company, behind Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Kobe Bryant.


13 Responses to “Six most disliked sports personalities in the US.”

  1. Bettyjane said

    I find it completely unsurprising that there isn’t a woman’s name on this list.

    • Growltiger said

      Okay, here goes. TRACY AUSTIN. She galls me. Did when she played, does now even worse when she commentates. (Remember everybody, I’m still on a rant about the commentators at the US Open and Wimbledon).

      • Chicago Fan said

        I agree. She and Pam Shriver are the worst.

        I’m not a huge fan of any of the commentators either. They cannot seem to analyze objectively. If someone’s winning, they jump on the bandwagon. If someone’s losing, their career is on the downward slide. Both McEnroe brothers are the worst offenders. John, at least, will point out what a player should be doing to get back in the game, but P. Mac is just obnoxious.

        Ironically, I don’t mind Dick Enberg, despite his malapropisms. I think it’s because I have good memories of watching “breakfast at Wimbledon” as a kid, and Enberg was always the commentator for that.

  2. MM said

    Oh really, let me add the race card playing sisters, Venus and Serena. It’ll be a happy day when they’re out of tennis.

    And LeBaron? Because he wanted HIS career to go HIS way?

    • M said

      How can your remarks about Rafa be so noble and complimentary and so poisonous about just about … everyone else?

      Or were you just being sarcastic, and you dislike him just as much as you seem to dislike everyone and everything else?

  3. chieko said

    Poor Tiger san. He was so well liked before.

  4. Jenny said

    Least said about Michael Vick, the better.

    • M said

      As my mom might say, “An amen goes there.”

      • Jenny said

        Is he still in the ‘big house’?

      • M said

        I honestly have no idea.

        To paraphrase you, I hope the less attention I pay to his fracas, the more likely it will be to all just disappear …

      • D.S.G. said

        He has been out. He agreed to speak out against dog fighting and has done so for, I think, about a year. I hope his heart has changed.

        He could be such a good and powerful voice against animal abuse. Whoopi Goldberg said on the tv show “The View” after his arrest,”You all have to understand, it’s part of the culture.”

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, D.S.G. Let’s hope it’s pay back time in a good way. Sorry, I’m not so understanding of abuse, human or animal.

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