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You think Federer called to congratulate Nadal on career Slam?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 17, 2010


15 Responses to “You think Federer called to congratulate Nadal on career Slam?”

  1. Jenny said

    Fena congratulated Rafa. I’m sure Roger did and others did too.

    • M said

      “Fena congratulated Rafa.”

      That’s lovely of him. Especially when he was out injured himself and couldn’t play.

      *sigh* I wish now even more I’d had my camera last year when they played … 😦

      • Jenny said

        From Fena’s site: [translated]

        Fernando Gonzalez , via twitter, Rafael Nadal congratulated after completing his Grand Slam on Monday , defeating Novak Djokovic in U.S. Open final .

        The best player in Chile, currently No. 44 in the world , posted a message on Twitter to conquer Nadal with his ninth Grand Slam. ” How great Nadal and won it all 24 years . All Majors , Davis Cup, Olympic gold and one of the q most Master Series won. ” Then the ‘ Bomber ‘ added, ” and the worst thing for us is that we want more. ”

        I think that should read, and the worst thing for us is that HE wants more.

        Gonzalez could not play the U.S. Open due to a hip injury and is sidelined indefinitely .

        The final para doesn’t look good. 😦

      • M said

        *shudder* No, it doesn’t.
        I thought it was just the knees.

      • Jenny said

        I did too 😦

    • Jenny said

      M, How quickly fortunes can change, Fena was in the top ten/twenty for years. I had the feeling something was wrong at RG 2009 after playing Andy M in the quarters. Will we ever see him on a court playing his exciting tennis and seeing his showmanship again. I try not to think about it.

      • M said

        We will, Jenny, we will! We must stay positive!
        Jo Wil had to have meniscal surgery and was cooking up a storm in the AO last year.

        Our own D-Nal had hip surgery, and he’ll be giving it a fight in the second DC rubber this weekend (if he can hang onto his temper 😕 ).

        Once upon a time we thought tendinitis would take down our current US Open and Career Golden Slam champion. And now look.

        We must stay positive. We must.

      • Jenny said

        “We must stay positive” We must.

        Of course we must, you’re right M. Thanks 🙂

      • Jenny said

        “Our own D-Nal had hip surgery, and he’ll be giving it a fight in the second DC rubber this weekend (if he can hang onto his temper”

        Agreed, I haven’t seen him get that angry in a long time, those baby blues were like glaciers, but he was gracious to Gael. He would definitely have contacted Rafa.

      • M said

        Oh, for sure!

        Gael didn’t phone it in either, as you said in the DC thread. He had to earn that match.

        I think their reverse rubber has the potential to rival a WWF rumble. I may miss it – I have to travel this weekend – but I will definitely at least be checking in on our thread.

      • Jenny said

        D-Nal will be playing Michael and Pico playing Gael. Although Michael is playing doubs with Arnaud C – deadly slam doubs winners!

      • M said


        I thought I read that they’d be playing again, but that doesn’t really make any sense, now, does it?

        (Wishful thinking, for the match to be a do-over, maybe? 😛 )

  2. Somebody Else said

    At the very least Rafa got a preliminary text message. At the very least.

    • M said

      I’m sure he reached out. Didn’t Rafa reach out last year when Roger got his RG and his Career Slam?

      • banti said

        He didn’t get married or have kids. Rafa’s case with Roger winning the Career Slam was an exception bc of the specific circumstances. “I denied the fool 3 times of reaching immortality, better give him a call” So no Roger did not, he’ll joke around with him about it when they see each other.

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