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Have the tables turned on Federer-Nadal H2H?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 18, 2010

Federer still enjoys a slender lead on matches played on courts not called red 5-4. Considering how dominant Federer was on non-clay courts vis-a-vis blatant Nadal’s weaknesses on the surfaces, some argued the lead was not a true reflection of the disparity that existed between the two players. In other words, Federer should have had a far more lopsided record to off-set the near-total wipe out on clay.

But with this career Slam, the rock Nadal had been hiding has now been removed for good thereby implying that any future encounters on surfaces not called dirt will no longer carry the strain of him being an underdog. Add Federer’s current slide AND age and you have it bagged.

Translation: This is exactly what Federer may need to reverse the H2H backlash – on his favorite surfaces – solely. The playing field has evened up to eliminate the ‘surface’ advantage giving a Federer win far more credibility in the H2H world. But will that paradigm shift be enough to invalidate the mental edge Nadal enjoys over Federer? Maybe not. But it certainly should make some kind of benign inroad to recalibrate the gears in Federer’s mind allowing him to get a whole new look at the puzzle – this time with Anaconda in his corner.

With the possibility of the two meeting in the semis nearly guaranteed, the two will now NOT have to beat EVERYONE to battle each other thereby boosting the likelihood of them clashing exponentially. More importantly, Federer will carry the underdog-inducing ‘slide and age’ mix into the matches releasing tons of pressure at least from one of the many balloons that go up when the two meet. Even more importantly, Federer can now dress the H2H doll with some respectable clothes – on his own terms.

Or has the mental giant already received more than enough time to now become totally invincible?


3 Responses to “Have the tables turned on Federer-Nadal H2H?”

  1. banti said

    Feds best shot to put that H2H in perspective is now till the clay court season. Will he capitalize? Not sure.

  2. Dee said

    Yeaye! Back to normal tennis.

  3. Growltiger said

    I wouldn’t be so sure of them meeting in the semis, TP. The directors want a Fed-Nadal FINAL so they make every effort to keep them separated until the final. Remember Madrid in 2009? I believe Fed was 1, Nadal 2, Djokovic 3, don’t remember who was 4. Whatever, instead of 1 meeting 3 in the semi’s as is traditional, Fed met no 4 in the semis and Nadal (2) and Djokovic (3) met in the semis. That was the match where Nadal and Djokovic went at each other for four hours in a three set match and this set up Nadal to lose to Fed on clay for the first and only time. In every other tournament I’ve realized who was who in the zoo, 1 played 3 in the semis. Not Madrid. That year Djokovic took out Nadal’s knees (he lost to Soderling soon after in the French giving Fed his first slam) and Djokovic’s will (he didn’t win anything until fall). I think many directors will manipulate the semis again to try to get a Fed-Nadal match for the final.

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