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Phrases, words Nadal needs to erase from his vocab.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 18, 2010

-Sorry for today and good luck for the rest of the season.

-I always try my best, no?

-Next match will be tough because he is playing well right now. I’ll have to play my best tennis to win tomorrow.

-I am not the favorite. Anybody can win this tournament.

-Tony was not coaching. We were exchanging recipes.

-Thank you (after being warned for time violation).

-My dream? Marrying Diana Federer, no? That way I am never going away for ‘somebody’.

-Federer is the favorite to win this tournament.

You got more? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!


21 Responses to “Phrases, words Nadal needs to erase from his vocab.”

  1. Barbara said

    – Today was a very important win for me, he played unbelievable match

  2. Jenny said

    ‘Tony was not coaching. We were exchanging recipes’ 😆

  3. banti said

    Lol. This may get you in trouble.

  4. claire said

    I have to play my very best if i want to win, no?

  5. Sergeant said

    I’m going to give my 200 percent.

  6. Dee said

    Do one for Roger, I’ll give you more.

  7. xeres said

    I think everything he says in his accent is kinda cute except for Public..someone’s got to
    tell him :”The true is Soorfrace is ok…but poobllic is definitely no no for suree no? !”

    I don’t know how he manages to say thank you very much all the time.The true is it is unbelievable no ?! 🙂

  8. Rein said

    ‘Winning this tournament is a dream come true for me.’

  9. Annie said

    This is my favourite tournament.

  10. Growltiger said

    I might be able to add more but the more he speaks English, the less I can understand him. He is adorable and makes me smile.

    Did you use “he is a very good player an’ I have to play my best.”

  11. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    For sure ( insert text here)no?

  12. Manal Ismail said

    Of all the top three non-first english speakers, i think Nole has the more commands of many european languages followed by Fed. And Rafa has been improving his english a lot lately…he felt more comfortable talking and making jokes during his winning speech , and bravo to him.

  13. Ash said

    Keep it all going Rafa – you’re doing fine as you are! Hopefully you won’t be subjecting us to some other verbals along the lines of (to paraphrase of course) ‘’s my natural talent..’ and ‘…till I win 20 slams..’ and ‘…try winning 3 slams a year..’ and ‘ really, I didn’t know #15 was embossed on the jacket…’. In other words, I’ll take Nadals benign comments anyday. Remember, all you Fed fans champing on the bit right now – I was paraphrasing 🙂 Peace no?

    • Sol said

      Oh, please, this was funny. There are some Nadal fans who commented too.
      What was the need to bash Fed here? Geez.

      • RafaFan said

        Oh yeah it seems that Rafa has the most fundamentalist Fed haters on his side. Geeez! “It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered”. Aeschylus Agamemnon And Mr. Federer still holds a few records, no? It’s gonna be a tough task even for Rafa to break them. I guess that this drives some fans crazy. 😦

  14. Zorana said

    I don’t care if he forgets all of his English!JUST KEEP WINNING RAFA!!!!

  15. Josefdottir said

    “Roger is the best player in history”

    “Sorry Roger. I’m sure you’ll win this title again many, many more times”

    “Thank you very much” (after being warned for picking his butt in public)

  16. M said

    LOL, TP. You have no idea what Rafa is saying about you right now in Catalàn and Spanish, even as we speak.


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