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Federer’s phrases.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 19, 2010


-I am getting close to beating Nadal.

-I don’t have Nadal nightmares.

-I don’t cry after every Slam loss – in public.

-I don’t know anyone named Mr. Denial.

You got more? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


18 Responses to “Federer’s phrases.”

  1. wuiches said


    you’re cool TP!!!

  2. Bettyjane said

    I’m unbelievably talented

  3. Dee said

    Oh no! I had to catch my self 😆
    Have many more.get back to you soon. Have to Esky Dentist!

  4. mircea said

    If it hadn’t been for bad knees, Nadal would be in possession of a Grand Slam. It must be hard for Federer to have done so well in the last 6 years and come close to tennis immortality and then suddenly have someone come along and go after your most important record and then some.

  5. Ricke said

    It’s a pity I didn’t win today, but it wasn’t a Grand Slam.

  6. anon said

    Well, you know, I mean, well…

  7. claire said

    The match was on my racket

  8. Zorana said

    You know, it’s the kind of match I never should have lost…..
    I’m still the favourite at Wimbledon…….
    Oh yes, I can beat him, I know I have the game and it’s very important to know you have the game……

  9. Bjornino said

    I have created a monster.

  10. Dee said

    * As we saw today, could have gone either way. A guy’s gotta win.

    • Dee said

      * you know, honestly I’m feeling actually pretty good, considering. That’s definitely a good sign

      *You know, it was played on a couple points here and there
      *But I thought he played well.
      *He deserved the victory, you know, I can go to the park with my kids tomorrow.
      ( means- They can’t.hmmm! They have to play the final and hehe! none of them have kids! so there!)

  11. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    You guys are unbelievable…

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