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Posted by tennisplanet on September 19, 2010

Federer is about to demand an official apology from Nadal. Why?

Hint: Incident that prompted this action happened within the last week AND one of you cheap freaks even mentioned it. Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better get this now – fast.

28 Responses to “Quiz.”

  1. chieko said


  2. RafaFan said

    For taking pictures of him on events he never participated, no?

  3. O said

    For copying what he does.
    Just heard a comment: Fish has variety, sure, like shark, salmon, cat fish, carp … There is a lot of variety.

  4. bunnee said

    funny, even during the height of roger’s prowess, was the persistent argument that he lacked enough able challengers. might that viewpoint apply to nadal now? look at how murray continues to choke at the worst times, del potro’s injuries, soderling’s inconsistent record & djoko’s continued deference to rafa.

    at present, without roger & rafa nippin’ at each other’s butts, the game will be played at a few notches below what we’ve grown accustomed to these past 6 years…

    • Growltiger said

      Good point, but I suspect a couple of things are about to happen. 1) Djokovic’s deference (and you are SOOOO right about that) to Rafa is about to end and 2) Soderling is getting hungrier. I think you’re right about Murray. He’s too placid. I don’t think his passion is tennis right now. That might change. But I’m betting a couple of things have happened with Djokovic — 1) The sports commentators et al totally discounting him at US Open has gotten his attention. He went into the tournament as No 3 in the world and NOBODY gave him a chance at getting to the semis much less the finals. If he’s human, that has royally ticked him off. 2) Rafa just showed the world that the No 1 player can get better. All Djokovic needs is a serve (and it was improving in the US Open) and a better volley. He already has the rest. He’s now showing grit and guts (witness his playing for Serbia in spite of jet lag, gastroenteritis and a bad fall) and winning (singles) when the chips were down.

      And then there are players out there we haven’t heard of yet. They’ll be coming up. I think tennis will be MORE interesting without the inevitable Rafa-Roger final.

      • TheHumbleOne said

        Agreed, Growltiger. And let’s hope Andy Murray resurfaces at some point within the next year too! 🙂

      • M said

        GT, with respect — a FEDAL final is no longer an inevitability, if it ever was.
        That’s why those of us who hope for them wait so impatiently, but also without apology.

        The last one was Madrid of this past year. The one before that was a whole year prior, Madrid 09. The one before that was AO 09. And the one before *that* was Wimbledon 08.

        They don’t happen as frequently as people think they do.

    • claire said

      Good to see someone mention that Nadal’s competition is as weak (as Federer’s supposedly was)!! Nadal and Federer are so far ahead of the pack that’s why they are/were called “dominant”!

  5. MM said

    If Del Porto can come back from his wrist injury, his flat, rocket forehands are unbeatable. And Nole has turned my opinion of him around. In the 08 AO, he was a punk-he really came of age in this year’s US Open, classy and tough. He is still a notch below Rafa on the fitness and serve scale but he’s at Nadal’s level on both wings.

    Oh sorry, haven’t got a clue as to what Fed would demand an apology from Rafa for but a public demand is sure to cause bad feelings.

  6. Sol said

    Looks like noone has a clue as to what you’re refering to TP. So what’s the answer?

  7. jett09 said

    Nadal’s comment on Djokovic’s attitude after losing at the US Open Final

    Comment from OC – “Hmmmm, I wonder if that comment about a “great attitude in losing” was also with a sting in its tail to the chap who lost the 2009 AO final….”

    I don’t believe though that Rafa’s comment was in reference to Roger, but knowing you TP….you’ve got a 😈 mind.

    • M said

      Ahahaha. Congratulations, Jett!

      (I’m with you though — there is no way Rafa meant it like that; he had a little too much else on his mind at the time, I’d think, you know, just having won his Career Golden Slam and all. 😛 )

  8. WINNER: JETT09.

  9. Bettyjane said

    Good job Jett09. Isn’t disconcerting when you start thinking like TP!?

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