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Happy 72nd Birthday to Raj: Sept 19.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 20, 2010


Happy birthday to you, M. It happens to be my birthday too and your request to TP serves my wishes as well. I am a die hard Fed fan as well.


21 Responses to “Happy 72nd Birthday to Raj: Sept 19.”

  1. Stella said

    Hey, Raj.
    Happy Birthday

  2. chieko said

    Belated Birthday to you Raj!! Please post a lot.

  3. M said

    Happy Birthday again, Raj!

    (I’m sure Mickey wishes you one too. 🙂 )

  4. Blake said

    Happy birthday mate 🙂

  5. MIKE_ said

    Happy B-day Raj Mahal!

  6. Gracie said

    Happy Birthday Raj! Glad you got your picture wishes without even having to ask.

  7. Dee said

    Happy birthday! Have a lovely day and a beautiful year!
    This is for you!

  8. bluechyll said

    Happy Birthday Raj!
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Yet another die hard fed fan, aka Lucy 😀

  9. Bonnie said

    Happy Birthday Raj! Hope you had a great day!

  10. Bettyjane said

    Happy Birthday!! (What the HECK is that blue balloon saying? Keka?? Huh???)

  11. Sergeant said

    Happy birthday Raj!

    Agree with Bettyjane, what the kek with keka??

  12. jett09 said

    Many Happy Returns Raj! Hope you have had an awesome day!

  13. Bonnie said

    Hey Raj, happy birthday.

  14. Raj said

    Happy 44th? I wish!!! I wonder where he got that, but I’ll take that any day but in reality I’m a young 72!
    Thanks for all the well wishes.

  15. Serran said

    Happy Belated Birthday Raj!

    Coincidentally, I’m 27 so if we stick together we rock a 7227 awesome number 😀

    (I know, I work too much :P)


  16. RafaFan said

    Don Raj happy birthday! Enjoy the party!

  17. Claire said

    Happy Birthday Raj. Let’s hope Federer ends the year strong and number 2! 🙂

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