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Nadal and Delpo to square off in Thailand. Event starts in a week.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 20, 2010

Is this the best time for Delpo to be meeting Nadal? Maybe. Maybe not.

Nadal is clearly on a ’08-like run when he won 7 titles including Olympics punctuated with a four straight title run (Roland Garros, Queens, Wimbledon and Toronto) on three different surfaces. Players who beat him that season? Youzhny, Tsonga (AO), Seppi, Roddick, Djokovic (twice), Davydenko, Ferrero, Murray and Simon. That’s not really the elite ruling the tour then pointing to leaving the door open.

Who has he lost to this year? Davydenko, Murray (twice), Ljubicic, Roddick, Lopez and Baghdatis. So despite the run he is still vulnerable. Besides, the Delpo shot that neutralizes Nadal’s game completely is not such a delicacy that it’s likely to suffer from being inactive too drastically. Heck, it might be the most routine shot in his repertoire. Ball bouncing straight into his backhand hitting zone with more than enough clearance due to both the ball bounce and Delpo’s height is not such a puzzle.

For Nadal, it will be his turn to land on the pad with lot to lose and nothing to gain. You cannot lose to a guy who’s been off for almost a year on his first outing specially when you  just got done rewriting the history books. Even a close match will be considered a loss and an actual loss will place Delpo safely into a spot Nadal currently enjoys vis-a-vis Federer. Add the fact that 90% of the world considers Delpo as the ONLY hurdle that can stop Nadal from totally owning the tour for couple of years – and you know an unfavorable result WILL have far-reaching consequences.


17 Responses to “Nadal and Delpo to square off in Thailand. Event starts in a week.”

  1. Bjornino said

    WHY is Nadal even playing there!? He should rest his knees after the US Open! 😦
    This is like Rotterdam 2009 all over again… OMG…

  2. sperry said

    It’s hard to figure, for sure. If it’s me, I’m playing slams + 3 or something. And I’d be shooting for oh, about 20.

  3. chieko said

    I think he is very healthy now. I am sure his coach and uncle has learnt his lesson and will not let him down. So please not to worry.

    • sperry said

      Chieko: I hope you are right. But he injured them once. From where I’m sitting, (and I am not a doctor) the odds are pretty good that they were injured because of his style and frequency of play. He is not (I hope) going to alter his style, so if he doesn’t alter his frequency, the problems could come back.

      • Jenny said

        Cheiko san, many players are prone to knee tendinitis, it isn’t just Rafa, the list is long, it tends to flare up with over-play and style as Sperry states. Gonzo has had problems since young, and has now dipped to 40’s ranking because of it. As M mentioned recently, there are new innovative treatments available now.

      • M said

        With respect to Chieko san —
        Sperry, I’m kind of with you.

        I can’t imagine Rafa and his team haven’t thought this through; I just hope the efficacy of the treatments is such that it can sustain his level of competitiveness as evidenced in his style of play, and his devotion to his fans.

        (I’ve read some in Malaysia are already quite put out that he won’t be appearing there as well as Thailand; all the players have to pick and choose.)

        Sigh. 😕

    • chieko said

      Hi Jenny san M san and Sperry san. I see !! But they must have thought about it too. I do hope he would not hurt his knees again. Yes it is worrying to think if he does. Thank you. 😀

  4. Growltiger said

    Aren’t pros forced to play a certain number of tournaments. Maybe he hasn’t met his quota. I wouldn’t worry about DelPo — not for a few months. Takes a while to come back, to get your timing, etc. Besides, not even he knows how the wrist is going to hold up.

  5. sperry said

    Growl: Yeah, they “have” to play certain tourneys. But if they can show medical reasons, they can bail. If they can’t, the penalties are small change compared to what the top players make. If I’m Nadal, I value my knees and longevity more than the money I get from the required tourneys.

  6. Bjornino said

    I’ll say it again: This is Rotterdam 2009 v. 2.0
    I have a VERY bad feeling about this. I thought he LEARNED that lesson?! WTH is he doing there ONE WEEK after winning the Us Open?! 😦
    I hope he loses in the first round so his knees get rest LOL ^^

    • M said

      Bjornino, this is *not* me arguing with you.

      However. 😛

      1) Rafa was not having his plasma treatments at Rotterdam 09 (during which, I will admit, I worried like a worrying thing).

      2) Technically speaking, it’s two weeks. Rafa’s magnificent final was on the 13th. The TO begins, if I’m not mistaken, on the 27th. Players need match play, or they get rusty.

      3) Do you think the fans in non-Slam countries, if they are unable to travel for whatever reason, should be relegated to never getting to see their heroes play?

      4) Do you think Rafa’s team and doctor, and assorted health professionals, have not gone over every angle of strategy for his calendar, to make sure this is safe for him?

      • sperry said

        M: Good points. But, in regards to 4… wouldn’t you kind of hope that, last time, they should/would/could have caught his knee problems before they got so bad? Fact of the matter is, either they 1) didn’t, or 2) put something silly (like money?) in front of the potential damage. Might they be making the same mistake now?

      • M said

        I would definitely have hoped that, Sperry, yes. And as you might recall, I was one of the ones that didn’t want Rafa to play in Rotterdam 09.

        The thing is, though, with knee problems — having some myself, though I’ve fortunately been spared tendinitis — you don’t really know how bad they’ll get till they are actually that bad.
        So sometimes, things can go in the “hard to tell” or “too soon to tell” category.

        Also, if we are talking about Rotterdam, I’ll call to mind the fact that Rafa and his team *did* choose for him to miss Barcelona this past clay season, at great personal if not financial cost. That’s his home tournament.

        So I think if they felt his health threatened, they might have made a similar decision here.

      • sperry said

        From the bottom of my heart, I hope his knee problems are behind him. I hope that his doctors and team are right in allowing him to play. I guess I’m projecting my fears out there. I, too have had knee problems and for me they do seem to fall into the “hard to tell” or “too early to tell” catagory, and, if they do, PLEASE ERROR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION!!

    • Ash said

      Cannot figure out why he is there myself. Hey, first round exit then off to Phuket, Koh Samui……

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