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Top 10 Pop-Culture Gangsters.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 20, 2010

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Pop-Culture Gangsters.”

  1. wuiches said

    Montana should be #2 geeeeezzzzz!!!!

    What’s wrong with this people!!

    Most memorable quote: “Me??? I don’t have that problem… Me??? I always tell the truth… even when I lie!!!”

  2. Jenny said

    I think we sat through De Niro’s character ‘Noodles’ and ‘Once upon a Time in America’ about three times, like about 12hrs! I should add, not all one time after another!` I thought it was a great film, full of twists and turns, but one has to look beyond the gratuitous violence and rape scene to appreciate it. The almost surreal dining scene was beautifully done, but overall it’s not a film for the squeamish. It took about two times to figure out the end, but……..

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