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Reason Nadal elected to play in Thailand.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 21, 2010

Cashola? Is there any other way to look at it? And that ‘the guy already has more money than God’ argument HAS a point beyond which the horizon begins to rise again. It’s also called greed and lust fueled in this case by ‘someone’ who has already set new standards in that category.

Thailand appears to have a strong base of tennis fans presenting a huge opportunity for someone to produce a windfall which in return gives them the resources to buy a mega star to perform on their stage.

Hunger to surpass Federer’s fan base? Nadal has always lived as a massively distant second to Federer in that respect – a fact Nadal is unable to accept as part of his multi-prong strategy to ‘completely’ overcome Federer – on ALL fronts. There’s no question this visit is going to add truck load of admirers to his already growing fan base.

Use current success to intimidate Delpo? This couldn’t possibly be a coincidence that the two of them have signed up for this event – of all the other clowns. Given Tony and his dwarfs working overtime to help Nadal succeed, this has to be part of some meticulously thought out plan.


3 Responses to “Reason Nadal elected to play in Thailand.”

  1. Sol said

    What’s the big deal?
    He’ll give it about 50% since he has no points to defend there and is guaranteed to finish the year #1, travel, eat great food, get some massages, make new fans, and go back home a relaxed man. It’s not like this event is going to kill him now, he’s not made of cotton you know.

    • Jenny said

      I have to agree, Sol. Rafa’s a sensible young guy, if he feels any pain or discomfort, I’m sure he’ll stop play, as I would hope any player will do.

  2. David said

    Pretty hard word on the Warrior of Tennis and great bias towards the Spoilt Yuppie of Tennis?
    Nadal has a right to relax and bring in revenue to himself and into a country that loves its
    sport and its personalities that dont spit the dummie and cry like stuck-up sooks.
    Wasnt long ago since Fed had more money in mind than sense doing the same in China by travelling
    there to pocket money without playing in a tournament. China is the greatest polluter and humans
    right abuser next to the Americans yet we never saw Fed planting a single tree.
    Nadal like Thailand’s favorite hero Paradorn Srichaphan is a gentleman who relies on his simple
    honesty, modesty and massive heart rather than tennis clinical tennis ability and talent.
    Fed is perhaps the most natural tennis player in an era of inconsistent and mentally unstable
    power hitters that reflects our monocultured wealth and win-win only society.
    Nadal is a refreshing change to the Yuppie spoilt upperclass attitude that Fed will always support.
    We are lucky to have both the Swiss Corporate Giant RF versus the Mallorcan Warrior Rockstar RAFA!
    After they are both gone Tennis will be in trouble for many years waiting for New Consistent opposite
    end of the scale Rivals.

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