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Roger Federer feels backlash from Swiss Davis Cup loss. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 21, 2010


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29 Responses to “Roger Federer feels backlash from Swiss Davis Cup loss. From M. Thanks.”

  1. claire said

    I’m kinda disappointed that Federer doesn’t play Davis Cup more often! I have been watching some Davis cup matches and it’s so nice to see the players wanting to win for their country, not for themselves!

    • MHM said

      “it’s so nice to see the players wanting to win for their country, not for themselves!”

      well said!

    • Jenny said

      Well said, Claire 🙂 I may be in the minority here, I love Davis Cup weekends, the matches and atmosphere, the partisan crowds, the players giving their all and enjoying themselves as part of a team, despite watching Nalbandian go diva! I take my hat off to all the DC stalwarts, including said Nalby, the young and veterans alike, the lower ranked, the higher ranked, guys who choose to give back irrespective of their ranking. Well done 🙂

      • Growltiger said

        I agree. I never paid much attention to the Davis Cup since it rarely was televised. But this year it’s been televised by Tennis Channel, so I’ve been totally involved, rooting for the US when we were playing, rooting for one of the other teams when we weren’t.

        I think the ATP needs to award big points for Davis Cup wins and schedule the cup so that a player doesn’t finish the US Open on Monday and have to be on the court on Friday halfway across the world. Wawrinka paid the price, too, having played hard five setter. Soderling probably was tired, but hadn’t played as rigorous a tournament as Wawrinka and Djokovic.

        It’s a shame we fans think more of the Davis Cup than does ATP.

      • Jenny said

        The ATP have awarded points this last couple of years, but not nearly enough, imo. They don’t get paid, so I think some additional incentive is in order from the ATP.

      • jennifur said

        always enjoy dc 2 … fun 2 watch players root ea other on etc … crowds go crazy w/patriotic vigor … v/fun 2 watch as fan …

      • claire said

        Jenny just started watching Davis cup like Growltiger! Awesome that Tennis Channel is showing matches! :)I I saw Nalby’s match – Monfils was every where, amazing shots he got! I couldn’t believe he dived on hard court! I love the atmosphere at Davis Cup!

      • claire said

        I really lived to watch USA celebrate their win – jumping up and down,etc It almost looked like Fish was going to cry!

        Fish did fantastic! Fish would be my new favorite tennis player if he wasn’t so old! He will probably retire around same time as Federer.

      • claire said

        meant “loved ” not “lived” !

  2. O said

    Relegation to Europe-African group is OK for him, since Roger is European, and his mom is from Africa.

    • Growltiger said

      Has Roger ever played Davis Cup? I don’t think of him as Swiss OR African; I think of him as international. He seems to be a man of many and all countries. That makes it less concerning that he’d not play Davis Cup. For which country would he play?

      That said, I also think it’s wrong to let Djokovic, Stepanek, Davydenko play for their birth countries when they live in tax haven Monaco. Let Monaco field a team. They’d probably be unbeatable.

      • Jenny said

        Roger has played Davis Cup, so has Rafa, but not every tie. I disagree about those not able to represent their own birth country despite choosing to live outside it for whatever reason, they are still nationals and there would be very few competitive Davis Cup Teams, apart from the US, Spain, Argentina and I’m guessing a few other nations too.

        LOL At the idea of a Monagasque team – good one!

      • Jenny said


    • jennifur said

      agree w/ jenny re: monaco comment …. noles done lots 4 serbia + serbian tennis …. made own tournament there … opened kids tennis center … is v/patriotic. hes proud 2 represent serbia so why not???

      many players live +/or train in other places due to conditions etc …. fed/dubai, murray/florida … but they still have homes + hearts w/homelands….

  3. saras said

    Roger Federer has contributed a lot for tennis.Because of him , Tennis has increased in popularity & more people watch tennis for sure.Federer’s achievement is unparalled.All these milestones that Federer has reached has been recognized by his ” motherland ” Switzerland & rightfully so. Switzerland ,which Federer calls ” Home ” has reciprocated by honoring Federer in many ways time & time again.Let me refresh Federer if I may, in case his vision has got clouded .Like By printing country’s Postage Stamp with Federer’s face on it, which Roger’s web site was proud to unweil.How many athletes in the world can proudly say that? Also, Swiss Government bestowed him with the honor of carrying Swiss Flag in two succesive Olympics 2004 & 2008.I still remember the smile on Federer’s face . A Tennis arena in Basel has been named after him.Federer had pulled out from Swiss DC Team many times before for whatever reason/excuses.I agree that Federer has every right to withdraw from the Swiss DC Team.How many more opportunities he is going to get to play DC in future as he is in his last leg of his glorious career?WoW!..Its obvious that Swiss DC Team is upset.Hope that Federer changes his mind !What a creer will it be if Federer leaves the “Tennis World” with a bang after winning DC for his country .Some Legacy it will be ….

  4. RafaFan said

    No big deal Rafa also did not play DC.

    • MHM said

      Well at least Rafa announced it a couple of weeks in advance..
      I don’t know, maybe he couldn’t really do it but i guess Novak and Stan were as tired as him.

    • Growltiger said

      Rafa was injured when Spain lost to France, if I remember correctly.

      • Jenny said

        I don’t think Rafa was injured before the last tie with France, but non-play was more of a preventative measure which is totally understandable. M?? Neither should we forget Spain have won the Cup [1] and ties within the last two years without Rafa both on clay and hardcourt when Rafa was indeed injured. [eg with Ferrer, Ferrero, Almagro, Robredo, Verdasco, Lopez, Granollers]. France have a great team right now, there was no guarantee Spain would prevail even if Rafa were playing. Infact Ferrer has made 13 singles appearances, lost 4 and that was hardcourt, Ferrero 17, lost 7. Rafa 16, lost 5, Verdasco 12, lost 9. Plus Feli’s great doubles contribution.

      • M said

        “I don’t think Rafa was injured before the last tie with France, but non-play was more of a preventative measure which is totally understandable. M??”

        That’s my understanding as well, Jenny.
        Rafa’s decision not to play that France-Spain tie was not as scrutinized as this most recent one of Roger’s has been; I think in part because of his team participation in 2000, 2004, and 2009 (and his “participation” by phone in ’08).

        I think it’s … interesting that the Swiss DC management has made its desire for Roger to participate more fully known, in the way they have. It’s like they’re saying “We need you, we can’t maintain our team status without you” (which, IDK; I’m not sure what kind of morale that might have on other team members) — but I don’t know what kind of effect that might have on someone the flip side of whose extreme loyalty can be an extreme stubbornness … especially if that man feels like he didn’t have the support from his country he felt he needed when he was coming up as a young tenista.

        I can’t imagine it’s not relevant to the country that Roger’s brought home Olympic gold for them — after all, they chose him to carry their flag twice.

  5. Sol said

    I don’t know what to think of all this. Despite being a Swiss, I’m not patriotic enough to care that he isn’t playing for his country. And I think it’s a little unfair that he needs to carry this loss on his shoulders now. That’s too much pressure for one athlete who plays an individual sport. Also, despite what Swiss Tennis says, there has been alot of controversy about the role Swiss Tennis has played in Fed’s career. As some may know, Fed has accused Swiss Tennis of not being supportive enough of young tennis players in the past, saying he didn’t get any support at all when he was up and coming. Not that that’s a reason to drop the DC but reading the second link, they make it sound like they spent alot of money on him and he isn’t paying back, something which I don’t believe seeing as it’s a known fact in Switzerland that Swiss Tennis isn’t doing much for young athletes.

    On the other hand, I would like to see him more involved in the DC simply because I think it would be a good thing for him (and not because that makes him a better person somehow). We all remember how happy he was when he won the gold medal with Stan. He’s been on top, alone, for way too long and I think he genuinely enjoys the team spirit. At the end of the day, many players haven’t played the DC (and whether they announced it 2 weeks or 2 days before is irrelevant), and it should be his decision to play or not.

    • Annie said

      Likewise with Sol, I don’t do ‘patriotism’. So I’d never lambast Andy Murray’s decision to not play for our DC team. Seems quite childish of the Swiss press to do so to Roger.

    • Jenny said

      I think Roger has paid his dues to DC over the years, as Roddick, Nalbandian and other stalwarts.

      Annie, I’ve never lambasted Murray when it comes to DC, I accept it is his choice afterall. I’m sorry, but I have to say I am a little disappointed with him and his reluctance to make more commitment to DC these days [given the financial support he’s had from the LTA in the past] and especially when he chose not to face Argentina a few years ago, withdrawing at the last minute, he wasn’t injured. British tennis fans I know, including myself, were furious with him at the time.

    • jennifur said

      sol makes good point about gold medal … maybe fed would enjoy playin w/team …. he did look so happy @ olympics in bejiing + seemed to spur him on 2 win u.s. open after …. maybe dc wud b pressure releaser for roger …. allow him to play freely ????

  6. Carolee said

    Yeah, Roger could care less about DC (see the video)… I am being sarcastic. Am I the only living person who remembers that Roger stated at the beginning of 2010 he would not be able to play DC? The grand poobahs of men’s tennis have to do a better job of scheduling DC so that the top players are able to play. Congrats to Djok, but Nadal isn’t playing and Murray did not play either. So, only one of the top 4 played for the recent tie. It is more fun when the tops guys can play, like Sampras did in winning it all in ’95 for the USA.

    • Jenny said

      To be honest, I watch DC irrespective of whether the ‘top 4’ play or not, [eg Spain, Argentina, France, and some other ties which are of interest to me, it’s also dependant on TV/stream cover] it is a player’s choice afterall, there are plenty of fine players in the top 10/15/20 and others who do play on a regular basis. I’ve seen some great DC rubbers of high quality over the years without the top 4 participating. Imo, DC is about team and country and not about any one player and that is as it should be. As has been said, Roger, Rafa and Nole have played plenty of DC.

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