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Fernando Gonzalez to have hip surgery. From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 22, 2010


Fernando Gonzalez to have hip surgery.

Source: Gonzaleztenis.

“The La Reina Bomber undergo surgery on his right hip on 4 October in New York. His recovery to return to the courts is estimated at between eight to nine months .

Dr. Alejandro Orizola confirm that the operation will be only the hip and does not rule out a minor procedure on his right knee . The traumatólo said the hip injury is very common in tennis players and it is due to a torn labrum ( fibrocartilaginous ring attached to the edge to the hip socket ).
“The movement of rotation exerted by the body of Fernando used to hitting right hip , but being with a torn labrum rotational motion was given to his knee , “said Orizola .
The decision of where they operate Gonzalez was agreed between the medical profession and the U.S. Chile , which is Idera by Dr. Brian Kelly, who has extensive experience in this type of intervention . It should be noted that Kelly is one of the doctors who often works with ATP”


13 Responses to “Fernando Gonzalez to have hip surgery. From Jenny. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Best Wishes and recover well, Fena.

    • M said

      Seconded, enthusiastically, Jenny.

      Also your thoughts that he is a cooperative patient and does what he’s told for fastest and best recovery. 🙂

      For those others also interested, here is a bio on Dr. Bryan Kelly, who it looks will be Feña’s operating physician. In addition to his listed credentials, Dr. Kelly is a specialist in the kind of hip injury Feña has sustained.

      http: // physicians_kelly-bryan. asp

      (as usual, push the spaces together to get the link)

  2. chieko said

    Oh no, please get well soon. 😦

  3. saras said

    All the best with the surgical procedure & a speedy recovery .

  4. Bettyjane said

    My brother is having this done in a few weeks in his early fifties (arthritis at a young age). An even younger girlfriend had this done some years ago. They get you up and about very quickly and it’s pretty darned miraculous. I think as an athlete, he’ll really do well in terms of his therapy —all the best.

    • Jenny said

      I wish your brother well, Bettyjane. I’m sure Fernando will be fine, whether he can play competitive tennis of his style again is another matter. We just have to hope for the best in that regard. IMHO, Another unique talent who should have won a slam, such a terrible waste, it makes one want to weep. Hewitt and Nalby were younger when they had their ops which I believe were similar.

      • Bettyjane said

        Thanks so very much for the good wishes Jen. It’s a heartbreaking sport is tennis. I usually prefer the talented players (shotmakers) vs. grinders and so I’ve alot of favorites who didn’t achieve what I would have liked at the Majors. Fed is a happy exception.

      • Jenny said

        In the early days [2002] it was always Fed, Fena and Nalby for me – their shotmaking and talent made me gasp in awe, I never fell asleep when watching them, no matter the hour and I should have been sleeping. I know Fed always enjoyed playing these guys, they brought out the best in each other. Fena of course is a great showman and I miss that too! I don’t mind some of the grinders either, they are different, I’ve got to love and appreciate their point construction on clay and their guts.

      • Jenny said

        Who were your faves who ddn’t achieve more, Bettyjane? A couple of mine, Guillermo Coria and Tommy Haas, both plagued with injuries. Also Richard Gasquet and Nicolas Mahut.

      • Bettyjane said

        Gasquet of course and Nalby. And back on grass only, Bill Scanlon. The only American player I guess I ever rooted for! (with Nalby, I really liked his game from the get go, and being of Armenian extraction like my husband, made him a natural fit for me.) Going back, Vijay Armritraj (am I dating myself here, lol!) WTA—even though they won majors, they should have won alot more—-Goolagong and Mandlikova.

  5. Jenny said

    Source: Gonzaleztenis. Extract from an interview on a Chilean channel. The full interview can be read on his site.

    “Fernando Gonzalez confessed that “I am a little scared by how to get around , but I’m going with the best hands, a person who has operated on many athletes, which has considerable experience and operation, secure the day I make it I’ll be very nervous, I have a lot of uncertainty about how I will be later, but with rehabilitation should go well. ”

    On a possible withdrawal of his successful tennis career, Gonzalez said he “always takes a day closer to retirement. In my short term plans are not, but if he continued playing under these conditions, the time span of my career would not be much longer. I have the opportunity to play for a lot of time, I’m going to play tennis while you have the illusion of a Grand Slam win , while you have the enthusiasm to compete well in the 2012 Olympics . ”

    Remain positive Fena, hang onto the dreams, and look towards the 2012 Olympics at Wimbledon. Remember: “It ain’t over till (or until) the fat lady sings…”

    • M said

      Darling Feña! Of course we want to see you play in the 2012 Olympics!

      Thank you for the heads-up, Jenny. I keep trying to figure out what to send to the hospital that would be cheerful, but not loud or destructive.

      • Jenny said

        You’re Welcome. “I keep trying to figure out what to send to the hospital that would be cheerful, but not loud or destructive”

        I’m sure whatever will be perfect, M. 🙂

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