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Sampras says Nadal could surpass Federer as slams king. From Wuiches. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 24, 2010


Sampras says Nadal could surpass Federer as slams king

Well TP, many times you have mentioned how much Federer has spoiled Sampras by breaking his 14. Is this some kind of vengeance???


16 Responses to “Sampras says Nadal could surpass Federer as slams king. From Wuiches. Thanks.”

  1. overcaffeinated said

    Let’s not forget that a former great player, is not exactly a prophet. There was that wonderful interview reply that Pete gave a number of years ago when asked about the “up and comers” back then, and who he felt would be a major contender and potential multiple slam winner. The list included one Roger Federer. Sampras answered that of the list presented, no player there he foresaw as being a regular multiple winner of majors. Sadly I think Pete should trust his gut, rather than hop on whatever the current bandwagon is.

    Bandwagon since 2008:

    1. Roger is finished, he is in decline and will now not get the illustrious #14.
    2. Rafa is the new King (well everyone knew that Nole was too flaky despite an AO win)
    3. Roger is back… the real King is still alive. We always knew he could do it (except when he was losing and we said he was on the way out)
    4. Roger is still the King at #17 and this could be the year of his calendar slam
    5. Roger is finshed, he is in decline
    6. Rafa is the new King.

    Speculation is garbage.

  2. Jenny said

    Pete was always rather quiet and understated when it came to the prediction game, preferring to keep his own counsel, but now he seems to be following Borg and other former greats in that regard. Rod Laver has kind of set himself apart from all that, and he is to many, still arguably the best player of all time. I guess speculation satisfies the media and some fans, it does no real harm.

  3. D.S.G. said

    All he needs is a heavy gold chain around his neck and looks like just another lounge lizard…. is that too mean?

  4. ricky said

    I miss tennis

  5. O said

    It will be an interesting battle. Nadal tend to fly higher, but for shorter bursts, Federer will be there to win more slams also, if history will be right.

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