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Thailand draw featuring Nadal and Delpo.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 25, 2010

Click here.


3 Responses to “Thailand draw featuring Nadal and Delpo.”

  1. wuiches said

    For Nadal now is more important to defeat Potro than to win the tournament, actually it’s kind of an obligation.

    Martin has more margin, he knows it’ll take him a lot of matches to get his timing back.

    However there is a lot of pressure on both players because they know that everybody is thinking that Juan is “the one” who is going to stop Nadal from now on at least on hard courts.

    This a new sensation for both players cuz’ Juan now as a GS champ has the obligation to fulfill the expectations around him and for Nadal this is gonna be the first time that he is going to face a “nemesis”, so far he was used to to the role of nemesis but now he is the master, now he must deal with the role of favorite.

    It’s gonna be interesting how they deal with that pressure every time they face each other from now on.

    About Martin, I have no doubts that he will get his past tennis level back, the only question is how his injury is going to behave, will he have to be skipping tournaments to rest his wrist? is he gonna be calling the trainer to often? we must keep in mind that, unlike Nadal, Potro had to take the knife, and that makes a “HUGE” difference in the expectations that we could rise about him.

    However Nadal needs del Potro at his best.

    This year at the FO McEnroe said that if Federer would beat Nadal there without a doubt he would be the GOAT, but for now there are few people(inside tennis elite) that have questions about it.

    If Nadal would beat del Potro at a USO final he would be considered if not the GOAT, at least the best all court player in the history of tennis. Joker was a GS champ but not a USO champ.

  2. M said

    Thank you for the link to the draw, Wuiches.

    Looks like there’s potential for lots of exciting matchups here.

  3. chieko said

    I hope they do not hurt themselves trying to prove who is better. I really think they should both take it easy. That is my thinking. I hope so.

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