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Three Grand Slam tournament titles in a year. Connors did that too?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 26, 2010

Players who have won three of the four Grand Slam tournaments in the same year.

Men’s singles

  • Jack Crawford
    • 1933: Australian, French, & Wimbledon Championships
  • Fred Perry
    • 1934: Australian, Wimbledon, & U.S. Championships
  • Tony Trabert
    • 1955: French, Wimbledon, & U.S. Championships
  • Lew Hoad
    • 1956: Australian, French, & Wimbledon Championships
  • Ashley Cooper
    • 1958: Australian, Wimbledon, & U.S. Championships
  • Roy Emerson
    • 1964: Australian, Wimbledon, & U.S. Championships
  • Jimmy Connors
    • 1974: Australian, Wimbledon, & US Open (He and others were banned from the 1974 French Open[7])
  • Mats Wilander
    • 1988: Australian, French, & US Open
  • Roger Federer
    • 2004: Australian, Wimbledon, & US Open
    • 2006: Australian, Wimbledon, & US Open
    • 2007: Australian, Wimbledon, & US Open
  • Rafael Nadal
    • 2010: French Open, Wimbledon, & US Open

12 Responses to “Three Grand Slam tournament titles in a year. Connors did that too?”

  1. claire said

    Let’s see if Nadal can win 3 GS’s in one year – 3 times! I’m not taking anything away from Nadal but I don’t understand all this hype about Nadal being the GOAT because he won 3 GS’s in a roll!
    I personally think they should be considered co-GOAT’s – a tie between the two! They are greats in their own separate way!

  2. Jenny said

    Rod Laver did it – Grand Slam [4] 1969 – Stands alone
    Career Slam 1969 ties with Agassi, Fed, Nadal.

  3. xeres said

    I’m feeling really inspired by TP right now…so here’s a teeny weeny quiz for you guys 🙂
    When I look at this what comes to mind is how someone with enormous amounts of talent just didn’t rise upto his potential.
    Have a clue who I’m talking about ? No you don’t ! And no his name doesn’t feature on this list.Geez you toddlers 😀

    OK so here’s an obvious clue…Federer era …check out the years he won 3GS !

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