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“When will humans learn that size doesn’t matter?”

Posted by tennisplanet on September 26, 2010

Remember that line in ‘Men in black’ when the whole freaking galaxy was reduced to fit some pendant hanging from a cat’s neck?

That message resonates at equal decibel quality with tennis players attempting to hit the ball as hard as they can in an effort to pass their opponent. How long will it take for them to freaking realize that power, strength and size does NOT matter? That has to be the FIRST lesson Federer’s game is oozing with – in plain freaking view.

Federer is clearly one of the weakest player, in terms of brute strength, at least among the top 20 in the world. Heck, I bet even Serena can beat him in an arm wrestling match. But the power he generates, from his forehand specially, appears equal to what all the top 20 manage – combined. Granted Nadal has that top spin excuse but most others including Delpo are employing the wrong combination of body parts to send the ball over the net with the most speed they can manage. In the process they are not only increasing the possibilities of injury and illness exponentially they are also adding unnecessary mileage to shorten their career in the long run.

The humongous divide that so conspicuously exists between Federer and most everybody else who plays professional tennis today in terms of fitness and an injury free career is ample proof that Federer’s way is THE way to go. And what is that?

Could it summed up as hitting the ‘sweet spot’? You freaking bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If most know this what’s the freaking problem duplicating it? Could it be the lack of confidence from the time they pick up the racket for the first time in making the ball cross over the net AND fall within the rectangle? That lack of conviction produces the need for top spin and all other BS to dance around the sweet spot instead of taking the bull by the horn and force it to pay what you want – on your terms.

Delpo gets away with it because of the height but unless you hit the sweet spot even that leverage is not going to get it done in the long run. Heck it didn’t work even in the short freaking run. The strategy is so powerful that it saves the entire body not just your wrist or knee or shoulder to transform it into a well oiled machine destined to deliver – forever – without time outs.


7 Responses to ““When will humans learn that size doesn’t matter?””

  1. M said

    For rock people 😀

  2. Dee said

    Henin was right up there with Serena and Kim. So size really didn’t seem to matter

  3. xeres said

    Rod Laver !

    • Jenny said

      5’7/8″. Left handed and single backand. I didn’t see too much of Laver, but what I did see, I thought he was wonderful, he was also a gent and still is.

      • banti said

        Not a small man but check out your up and coming favorite player Jenny. This kid just won 3 challenger events in a row and about to make it to the top 100! First time seeing him for me. I thought they were joking about the baby FEd thing! Holy smoke this kids got game!

      • Jenny said

        Hi Banti – Thank you! 🙂 Let’s hope he realises his potential and not fade into a good journeyman, like so many of them do. Interesting Lundgren isn’t coaching him now.

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