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Why it’s in Federer’s interest that Nadal completes a ‘full’ tennis career under given conditions.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 26, 2010

Heard of Seles? Or Graf? Or asterisk?

With Nadal already owning a career Slam, Olympics, H2H advantage among other accolades, he is as close to Seles in many respects as is humanly possible, don’t you think? Very few even question the fact that Nadal totally owns Federer – on ALL surfaces – quite similar to what many felt about Seles vis-a-vis Graf. If Nadal was to blow up his knees or whatever now and abruptly end his career, Federer’s GOAT status will always carry that stain to drain it of most, if not all, of the juice.

Instead of Federer praying for Nadal to stop he should be happy if Nadal completes the whole cycle as best he can and fall short of the target that way. Currently the likelihood of Nadal equalling Federer’s 16 Slams is NOT as high as is the probability of his knees falling apart. And that cannot be good for Federer if the precedent set is any indication of where a perfectly crafted career can end up – in the history books.

While it’s inconceivable to think of Nadal playing at this level in his early thirties given his track record, reaching the age of at least 28 should suffice to sufficiently eliminate the ‘Seles’ component from the equation to hand Federer a clean bill of health – careerwise.

Maybe that’s already been incorporated in the plans Tony and the team has drafted – as a last resort. If it seems impossible to equal 16 at some stage, they might pull out this ace to gain ground while killing two birds with one stone: Federer’s stain and Nadal’s ‘what if’.


5 Responses to “Why it’s in Federer’s interest that Nadal completes a ‘full’ tennis career under given conditions.”

  1. wuiches said

    No matter what Nadal might do, he could die tomorrow or win 18 GS at 29 anyway his name is gonna be tied to Federer’s for the rest of the history of tennis.

    In the same way tv commentators remember Laver slam after slam, year after year they will remember Federer 50 years ahead and they will remember how Nadal kicked his butt so many times. Both names are tied forever already!!!

    • Andy said

      But one bright commentator, which admittedly only a few people will hear, will add that most of the matches were on clay and that, off clay, 9-7 in the fifth set and another 5 set victory do not come anywhere near constituting the “kicking of a butt.” But you’re right, unfortunately, loud silly voices often do prevail.

      • ClayBuster said


        It’s the empty barrels that sound the loudest when getting banged on, no?

      • claire said

        Good point Andy!

        I also heard (probably) the same commentator say what you mentioned above. I remember it cuz I said WOW someone really knows what they are talking about!

  2. Andy said

    In my opinion, the main thing that is in Fed’s interest at this point vis-a-vis Rafa and history is actually to play a healthy Rafa in the finals of majors, especially if it’s off clay. I’m not saying he’s going to win. It’s obviously going to be a very huge mountain for Fed to climb just to get to a final (and he might have to meet Rafa in the semis), let alone beat such a great and much younger player like Rafa there. But what I’m thinking is that IF Fed somehow takes, for example, one USO final and one Wimby final from Rafa in the next few years, it would have a very significant effect on the way people view their rivalry. Look at Martina-Chrissy. Martina beat her 13 times in a row, but a good chunk of that retrospective on their rivalry that TP posted a few weeks ago was actually about their final two FO matches, taken by Chrissy.

    I’m not saying FED absolutely “needs” those two wins. He doesn’t. He loses those matches to Rafa, it’s just a past-his-prime superstar losing to a much younger superstar in his prime. But if he wins them, history will be at least a wee bit kinder to him.

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