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Here’s one surefire way for Federer to ‘lighten’ the Nadal effect.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 27, 2010

It’s a proven strategy guaranteed to sometimes even turn a legacy doomed and destined for gloom into one reserved for the superstars. Most greats have already used it to travel much farther than what their exploits on the court would have allowed them. Who are they? Connors, Sampras, Agassi, Nadal…………Ali, Jordan, Armstrong, Kobe……..

Have a freaking clue? No, you freaking don’t!!!!!

Here it is:

It’s rising from the ashes or near ashes. Federer has NOT faced anything in his entire freaking life forget about his tennis career that even remotely resembles what people call adversity on the scale most other greats have not only endured but have turned into a tool elevating them far beyond the record book / stat ceiling. It’s the classic story virtually assured of producing a dimension that humans find irresistible – irrespective of the discipline.

Federer today will be viewed as that silver spoon prince thriving in a shielded environment in contrast to someone who willed his way back to the top despite everybody writing him off – AND against insurmountable odds. If you are just appearing from under that rock, go to Wikipedia and learn what some of the above mentioned athletes had to overcome to make their mark and how that journey impacted the final product.

That kind of comeback highlights your power over the intangibles mostly related to your mental being. It’s what dreams are made of AND hit Hollywood movies. Add the current knock on Federer for being mentally weak and you know this resilience will hit the bull’s-eye mitigating some of the effects from obvious quarters.


One Response to “Here’s one surefire way for Federer to ‘lighten’ the Nadal effect.”

  1. overcaffeinated said

    Heck TP, I think I will look forward to the day that RF retires from pro tennis… however even then, you will be sure to find a way to continually try to lessen his status and achievements in the game. I wonder why you appear to dislike him more than pretty much any other player of the current or prior generations. Now you go on the adversity angle as it appears Roger has shattered all your prior theories about him. When his tennis days are done, I am sure you may not be able to let go (from your closeted true love for him), and perhaps will again start to question his parenting; the way he parts his hair; the car he drives or has driven for him; the length of his shirt sleeves; if he wears socks and if they match with his shoes…. get my drift? No you don’t! Until your next insane theory 🙂

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