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Mid-life crisis without a wooden racquet. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 27, 2010


Mid-life crisis without a wooden racquet: Thomas Muster is back in the ATP pro ranks.

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“The 42-year-old Austrian, who returned to professional tennis in June, is ranked 988th with 7 points in the singles rankings released on Monday.”

In thinking of this dude, I recall his super duper comeback after having he knee smashed to smithereens by a drunk driver (now THAT is adversity for an athlete)…going on to win a single French Open… and making it to #1 based on his incredible ability on clay. Sadly the way the world works, we will never get to see him vs. Rafa in a match at their primes. I have a feeling Rafa would win, however probably by not much given the brutality in which each guy played their (clay court) game, the huge amounts of topspin, the insane angles they generated, and their stamina.


5 Responses to “Mid-life crisis without a wooden racquet. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.”

  1. O said

    This is the guy who play tennis with muscle!

  2. chieko said

    If Date san can do it I think this gentleman ( whom I do not know at all) can do it too. I hope so.

  3. sperry said

    I had somehow forgotten about this guy when I put Rafa alone at the top of the “intensity” list. Muster is tied, at least. He made it to number one in the world, and there was the normal bickering about whether he was a legitimate #1. (I think he amassed a ton of points during the clay court season.) His response? “I didn’t buy those points at the supermarket.” I just spent a half hour looking for a little vid I saw here a long time ago, but couldn’t find it. Someone (Tim Henman?) made a great shot that forced Muster to the net post. He couldn’t return it, and he playfully chased Henman while swinging his racquet at him. Very funny vid.

  4. Stella said

    Muster was one of my all time favourites. Watched him play on the grandstand court at the USO. His hustle from the minute he arrived on court till he left made Rafa look lethargic.
    So glad he’s back

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