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Sharapova earns her second most embarrassing loss on pro tour.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 27, 2010

Maria Sharapova Of Russia (L) Shakes

1. Completely blown away by Davenport at ’05 Indian Wells in the semis 6-0, 6-0. Sharapova was ranked No. 3 in the world then.

2. Beaten yesterday by a 40-year-old midget in the opening freaking round. Sharapova was the top seed and the defending champion.


12 Responses to “Sharapova earns her second most embarrassing loss on pro tour.”

  1. chieko said

    I am so proud of Date san. She is my inspiration . Very dicipline and very nice lady. I admire her very much. Her husband is very nice too. And they live in Japan. I am so proud of her indeed 😀

    • Jenny said

      That’s nice Cheiko san. For a small, 40yr old lady still playing competitive tennis and beating a tough young opponent and slam winner is an inspiration. Congratulations to her 🙂 This was how I felt when Francesca Schiavone won the French at 30yrs old.

      • chieko said

        Yes Jenny san indeed. It is good now for all of us to realize that age boundary can be broken by good care and healthy life style. Date san’s oshujin (husband) is very supportive. He is a great influence and inspiration to her also. What a wonderful team!! Tiger Woods san has a lot to learn about partnership in that regards. I am glad you talk to me Jenny san. It makes me a happy day. 😀

      • Jenny said

        Hi Cheiko san, I’m watching Date playing Hantcukova on Eurosport as I type. I remember when the diminutive Ferrer said he felt like a midget standing next to John Isner [6’9″] at the net, he barely came up to John’s shoulder, [no disrespect to John, David doesn’t do disrespect] I think Ferrer won the match despite the height disparity. Actually, it did look rather comical, even I had to smile! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Chieko san, from Wiki: “After the comeback, she has won several ITF titles before winning her eighth WTA Tour title at the 2009 Hansol Korea Open in Seoul, thus becoming the second-oldest player in the Open era, after Billie Jean King, to win a singles title on the WTA Tour” Impressive, eh?

        I see her husband Michael Krumm is German and was a racing car driver.

      • chieko said

        Yes Jenny san, indeed, he is German and a race car driver and has been residing in Tokyo Japan. He is a wonderful husband. A good model for a lot of our own nation’s husband who still not happy with women working after marriage!! Can you imagine!! I think his love and support and life style sharing has been one of the key ingrediant for her success. This lovely couple gives me tremendous inspiration regarding marriage and the choice of partnership in life. I am not afraind any more. May Date san play for a long time !! 😀

      • chieko said

        And also Jenny san, if you go to Michael Krumm san’ s official website, he personally wrote about watching Date san’s win and feelings. He said that she works very hard and she has very healthy life style and it proves that age may not be the reason that deteriate the body. He is going to compete I think on Saturday. Michael Krumm san I think is very good looking and very good husband I think. But of course Date san must be very good wife. They are good for each other ne!! 😀

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Cheiko san. I’ll look him up.

    • banti said

      Congrads to Date san. Nice story. Not sure Mirka can produce these type of results for her spouse in the upcoming years:)

    • M said

      Congratulations to Date san, Chieko san!

      She looks to be in great shape. I hope she’s giving tips on that formula, to be in her wonderful condition with that beautiful skin. I want what she’s having. 🙂

    • chieko said

      Date san lost today to the wonderful Italian lady !! I am happy for her. And thank you M san, Banti san Jenny san for all your support. If one truly understand the culture of my country and the pressure about being woman and doing the right thing, then Date san’s courage in doing what she thinks is right matches her height in beating other great players who are so much taller than her!!

      She mentioned a while ago to Japanese reporter that she retured from retirement because of her husband’s whole hearted encouragement. HE said he wanted to see her play. For when she married she has already retired. And he never saw her play. So she returned so that her husband can watch her play. She did not expect too much at the beginning, but she did so well. To us Japanese female, her courage and hard work and belief is our big inspiration and model for sure. I am very proud of her.

      Her husband did mention somewhere that it is her discipline and healthy life style that is one of the key. I believe that.


  2. Just Me said

    Sharapova wasn’t the top seed, she was seeded 12 or sth.

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