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Tony on what inspired him to improve Nadal’s serve.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 27, 2010

From ATP site:

“I saw a video by Jack Nicklaus that changed my vision,” Toni Nadal, Rafa’s uncle and coach, told daily newspaper ABC. “In it Nicklaus said: ‘First strike far, then we will think about getting the ball inside.’ I said to myself: ‘This man must be right’. That is what I applied with Rafael. First strike hard, then we will get the ball inside,” he added.


2 Responses to “Tony on what inspired him to improve Nadal’s serve.”

  1. M said

    Nice picture of Rafa. That’s the outfit from USO 2006.

  2. Phil said

    I love how they are calling it a “rocket serve” pretty much everywhere I read about this. I mean come on. It is much improved, to be sure, but it’s only about as fast as Federer’s – and he’s not exactly the quickest on the Tour.

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