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Delpo’s crash in the opening freaking round ‘could have done better, not good, disappointing, are you out of your freaking mind!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on September 28, 2010

Straight set loss to a nearly 30-year-old midget Olivier Rochus who is ranked 78th, hasn’t won a single freaking title as a pro in 11 freaking years, is coming in with a losing 15-20 record for the season and a losing 212-229 record for career, is beyond freaking pathetic.

The loss screams of three possible scenarios:

-Either the work put in after medical clearance wasn’t taken seriously OR

-The return is premature as the injury hasn’t healed completely – mentally and physically OR

-Nadal has done enough this season to scare Delpo from facing a bull in total rage. Delpo knew based on his preparation AND / OR injury status that Nadal would completely annihilate him producing this large egg. After this loss, even cucumbers believe that.

How else can you explain this inadequate a performance in the opening freaking round on your favorite surface against an opponent with such miserable cred. Granted Rochus is not a typical opening round opponent but currently he is not too far from it either.

To me, the third reason cited above appears to be the most logical explanation. If it is true, Delpo-Nadal clash is NOT coming around anytime soon unless Nadal suddenly drops his form to even things up.

Based on Delpo’s win over Nadal ALL of the last three times they have met, Delpo has developed a reputation that he feels protective of. And then something happened last year at the US Open to add an even thicker coat to the rep. While Delpo has been improving steadily through the years BOTH these ‘incidents’ I feel, are beyond his current range with massive extenuating conditions intervening to make the near-unthinkable happen. For rock people, Nadal was having an off year last season and Federer just gave it away after crushing Delpo early in the match.

So this is time for Delpo to validate both ‘incidents’ while carrying a strong crutch of lay off, not match tough and what have you. I think, Delpo knows in the innermost recesses of his mind that both Nadal and Federer are far far far superior to him and the further he can delay the dawning of reality the better he will look at home and abroad. Right now he is literally scared to death in jumping in the ring with either one of them for fear of being stripped of all his disguise.

As much as Delpo is ‘shy’ it’s a contrast brewing on the other end. Both Nadal and Federer are gunning for him – impatiently – to realistically determine Delpo’s legit place on the tour. Fans are equally eager as he today appears to be the only hurdle in tripping Nadal from taking over the reigns at least next season if not for years to come.

Delpo has to man up and face his demons and walk into the den with guns blazing for his own good first, to get an accurate reading on where he ‘really’ stands vis-a-vis other guys today. All that requires mental strength – something Nadal may not be lacking in too much these days.


5 Responses to “Delpo’s crash in the opening freaking round ‘could have done better, not good, disappointing, are you out of your freaking mind!!!!!!”

  1. M said

    You know, I saw those shots of Polito waving goodbye first in the post with Rafa’s tree-planting, and I thought it had to be a mistake.

    But Jenny said Olivier went after him tactically with everything he had, which I’d certainly expect him to do, given his history, so I certainly believe that’s what happened.

    So, you One-Slam-Wonder-Ranting types, as far as scapegoats go, is Polito about to become the “new Nole” in those types of eyes?

    • Jenny said

      To be fair, I didn’t see the match. I was going from the stats and Ollie is an aggressive attacking player who can move, won’t back down, he also has nous on the court. He’s given the fittest of players the frights and right now Delpo cannot be match fit/tough. Give him time.

      • M said

        Absolutely, Jenny. Credit to Olivier; he’s beat up on all my favorites at least once.

        I just hope two things –

        1) that doomsayers don’t start howling about how, now that Nole is doing better, Polito has replaced his “scapegoat’s position” in the “One Slam Wonder” stakes, and

        2) that Polito’s not in any pain. He looked so happy to be back playing, in his practice shots on Twitter.

      • M said

        Interesting also to see how Olivier will do against Rafa if he gets out of this next round with Kukushkin (sp?) — which I think he will; I just haven’t seen the man from Kazakhstan play.

        Also, Gulbis seems to be half awake, so that could possibly be an interesting match-up.

  2. ClayBuster said

    You sound very disappointed, TP. What did you expect? JMDP came back from a very serious injury, hasn’t been playing on pro level for about 9 months, so no match rhythm whatsoever. He will need more time to get back into the groove, which is only natural. No need to start kicking the guy already!
    Besides this, the relentless on-form Rochus is a very dangerous player – you’re selling him rather short.

    As usual, people got way out of their heads when seeing the draw – as if a JMDP-Nadal clash was already written-in-stone, as if all those other players taking part in the tournament are merely there as ‘ornaments’.

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