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Pete Sampras Knows All Too Well What Roger Federer is Going Through. From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 29, 2010


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10 Responses to “Pete Sampras Knows All Too Well What Roger Federer is Going Through. From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. O said

    Rafa will win more slams, so will Roger. These guys will probably shut out all the others, we will have to see if there will be a Safin, Djokovic or Delpo coming…

  2. Sol said

    Thanks Claire. I read an interview with Yannick Noah and he talked about something more important than just the age factor. He said when he was still playing and had kids, everything changed. When he was losing, he didn’t care so much anymore, not enough to keep fighting cause he was thinking “ok, let’s get this over with so I can go home to my kids”. I don’t think Fed is there yet, but I do think it changes a player’s perspective. Just by seeing Fed’s recent interviews after some difficult loses, he does seem to care just a little less.

    • Jenny said

      I think most people’s attitudes and priorities do change after having children, it’s a natural progression, and one has to become less selfish. I can’t think athletes would be too different, especially those guys who very much want to be part of their kids early lives.

      • Sol said

        Did Pete have kids before he retired? Maybe it’s not something he can personally relate to.

      • claire said

        I think Sampras’ wife was pregnant when he won US Open; I think that was the last GS Sampras won before he retired. Didn’t he retire right after that? I think people starting saying that having a wife was taking away from his game. Guess Sampras got pissed about what was being said about his wife. He won the US Open (I think) to shut them up!

        Am I correct about the above?

  3. Caro said

    With “friends ” like Pete, who needs enemies? Not liking that Pete was so quick to say that Rafa could over take Roger.

    • claire said

      Let’s look for the good Sampras said of Federer:

      “He’s 29 and the next few years are sort of a challenge, but I think Roger is up to the task. He can win more majors.”

      Seems people are forgetting Federer is not done yet. He still can win more GS’s so 16 may not be the number Nasdal has to pass!
      Hopefully Annacone will make some good changes in Federer’s game. Hopefully next week will be a good one for Federer. I thought it interesting that Annacone had dinner with Sampras recently!

    • claire said

      This is the full quote said by Sampras:

      “I still think he’s still a strong favorite for every major that he plays. He had two match points against Djokovic and could have very well been in the finals. He’s played fine. I don’t see any decline. I just think guys are getting a little better and he’s lost some close matches here and it’s going to happen. He’s 29, and the next few years are sort of a challenge, but I think Roger’s up to the task. He can win more majors, but these guys are getting a little bit better and confident against him.”

      Read more:

  4. Caro said

    OK, saw I saw a link for Pete’s speech at the Tennis Hall of Fame… wow, so many tears. Pete was gracious and very overcome. As we all know Roger cries, win or lose… it will be another weep fest when he gets in!

    • Caro said

      Prior to the Miami Herald article Pete said to the Associated Press, after the US Open, that Rafa, if he stayed injury free would over take Roger in the grand slam count.

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