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Posted by tennisplanet on September 29, 2010

Spanish Tennis

Spanish Tennis

Spanish Tennis

Spanish Tennis

Francesca Schiavone Of Italy Hits

Japan's Kimiko Date Krumm Reacts

Japan's Kimiko Date Krumm Reacts


10 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Sol said

    Fernando is hilarious. I don’t think he means to be, but he is.

    • Jenny said

      LOL I know what you mean, Sol!

      • Jenny said

        Fernando lost in the first round, Thailand.

      • Sol said

        Seriously? Against who?

        And personally, I’d rather look at Date san rather than a topless FeVer trying some martial art moves. Don’t know if that makes me gay or what, but Fernando does nothing for me.

      • Jenny said

        I like the two smaller ladies on the WTA, Date and Franny. I think they are an inspiration, they let their racquets do the talking with variety. I’m not gay and the dark, brooding Fernando in his poseur does nothing for me either, sorry Fer. Each to his own though and he is an attractive man. LOL Different matter when it comes to Ferru because he doesn’t go out of his way to be sexy, it’s naturally built in, imho! Somehow I don’t see him into the martial arts off court.

      • Jenny said

        I didn’t see the match, Sol, but he lost to Benjamin Becker 4 and 4.

      • M said

        So many upsets. Lots of seeds out already, as well as Marc Lopez and Fer V. on their WCs.
        Ollie Rochus is out too, to that Kazakhstanian I don’t know anything about.

  2. Dee said

    TP TP TP, You completely ruined the whole atmosphere by posting those last 3 pics 😆

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