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Did you know?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 30, 2010

………..that computer hackers of today don’t want to corrupt your computer to access personal information only. All they want to do is to convert your computer into a zombie, ready to carry out all their orders. That’s why now they don’t even want you to know you are infected. And how does that benefit them?

If they manage to ‘control’ a whole bunch of computers (btw market value for every ‘controlled’ computer is about .10 cents) they can order that army of computers to do anything – like visiting a certain site all at once. Guess what happens then? The whole site crashes.

So how do they make money? They approach let’s say a sports gambling site right before a major event like Wimbledon and demand a certain large amount. The owners know if the site goes down for even few minutes they stand to lose millions. Deal is sealed.

Translation: Get your security updates as soon as they are out since in reality they actually are a broadcast to the bad guys that we have found a loophole. Don’t open email attachments from strangers. Don’t upgrade any programme unless you visit the ‘main’ site yourself for it……..


7 Responses to “Did you know?”

  1. Jenny said

    Good advice, TP.

  2. Growltiger said

    Good info, TP. Will relate a recent problem with spouse’s PC.
    Got a virus.
    Not deadly. Thought so for awhile.
    Got rid for the virus
    Whenever THAT computer was powered on, we couldn’t use the Internet on any computer in the house. I THOUGHT the thing was a zombie, spamming the Web, but couldn’t find the proof. We eventually took the computer off line and bought a new one.

    So what TP is warning of is REAL. It’s good to have verification for what I’d assumed.

  3. D.S.G. said

    I won’t open anything forwarded.

  4. chieko said


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