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Nadal’s AO win vital in his quest for calendar Slam.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 30, 2010

Yeah, because if he fails there, calendar Slam will become a little tougher, I think.

OK, for cheap freaks already on their head, this is what I mean:

AO title can more or less guarantee a calendar Slam for Nadal. Why? Because that’s the one Slam title that will motivate him to complete the feat MORE than any other Slam. Did you get it? No, you didn’t!!!!!!!

Apart from the obvious math involved, it’s the degree of difficulty compared to the next two Slams at least, that will force Nadal and his team to pull out all stops to secure the accomplishment thereby making even finer adjustments to capture the US Open title. Still not there?

Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! Try freaking this: If Roland Garros was the first Slam of the season, the motivation meter would be way off thereby eliminating the intensity of the ‘certainty’ factor that an AO title will nearly guarantee. Conversely it will be the most heartbreaking experience too as there’s no ‘Nadal’ at the US Open – yet – to somehow justify the failure.


5 Responses to “Nadal’s AO win vital in his quest for calendar Slam.”

  1. Sarah said

    Winning the AO will give Rafael four straight GS; and prevent Roger from defending his 2009 title. So yes, Rafael will be very motivated to win!

  2. wuiches said

    At least that surface suits his game better than USO: higher bounce, slower ball, spin friendly; he’ll have more chances than at NY, but, you never know!!!

  3. chipnputt said

    Not sure I fully agree with this. In one direction, yes, I agree — if Rafa wins the AO, then he is super motivated in every slam. But I don’t think winning the AO is essential for Rafa to be motivated for the year. He is just peaking and he knows the next two years may well define his career. I think, AO or not, he will be super-motivated in 2011, just like he was in 2010 despite a poor AO.

    • M said

      I agree in great part, CnP.

      I think Rafa will be very motivated to do well in the AO because he lost time to injury in the last one — I believe part of his great motivation to win Wimbledon this past year (other than it’s, well, Wimbledon) and also his hunger for the USO (other than the obvious also) was that he couldn’t defend his Wimbledon 08 title because of injury, and he couldn’t give his best effort in USO 09 because he wasn’t 100% there either.

      To paraphrase MJF’s character Lewis Rothschild from ‘American President’, he wants to “take this 100% out for a spin … let’s see what it can do”.

  4. O said

    Rafa was playing his best tennis at USO, if he keeps that form or improve upon that, he has great chance. Roger is the only one who can do that level. Interesting to see.

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