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She’s just toooooooooo freaking good.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 30, 2010


10 Responses to “She’s just toooooooooo freaking good.”

  1. chieko said

    Our TP sama is in love… no more next door neighour’s daughter,, and no more even the beautiful Chocolatetaster san !! Geeezzzzzz! 😀

  2. M said

    Yaaaay! Finally some shots of TP’s crush!
    \o/ \o/ \o/

    Lovely ones, too.

    I think her publicist will see this post, and perhaps you should arrange to get a call, TP.
    After all, isn’t that how Angie and Brad started up their relationship after their work on ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ …?

  3. jett09 said

    wooohooo TP is truly in love!!

  4. Bjornino said

    Hehe…go for it TP! 😀
    Does anyone know her? We should set up a date for them. I think we owe TP that after all the fun he’s given us here 🙂

  5. xeres said

    You’re a bad bad influence TP and I hate you for putting ideas into my head.

  6. Dee said

    It’s time to develop a new crush TP. You are dragging this too long!No No, You can’t have Mirka either.How about Kim Kardashian?I heard that she broke up!

  7. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    A beautiful woman no doubt. Fine bone structure and body in her prime. Although, the close-up reminded me of that kid from unbreakable – Spencer Treat Clark. Look him up, TP

  8. Growltiger said

    TP has good taste

  9. Anonymous said

    Hm, TP is over Chakvetadze and ready to be brokenhearted again…

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