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What every athlete aspiring to be ‘Great’ should pre-program his career planning kit in advance.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 30, 2010

Hard work? Determination? Persistence? Resilience? Mental toughness? Personally bought condoms?………………?

Can any of the above guarantee move to ‘Greatland’ as much as the one below? Don’t think so.

Arrange for a set of conditions to pop up somewhere around the middle of the career that poses the most realistic probability of you never being able to play the sport of your choice again – EVER.

Past occurrence of this phenomenon has more or less assured the ‘victim’ to flourish beyond his wildest dreams despite being not as young and fresh compared to the ‘clean’ phase preceding this rise.

Who are some of the most glaring exhibits for it?

Schwarzenegger: He had an accident early in his career assuring an end to his iron pumping days.

Ali: Boxing licence revoked with no date for reinstatement. He was eventually out for three years – IN HIS PRIME.

Armstrong: Nut situation.

Kobe: Sex scandal with long jail time imminent.

Nadal? Knees.

Agassi: Dropping so low that he had to play challenger tournaments to climb back into respectable ranking.

You got more? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “What every athlete aspiring to be ‘Great’ should pre-program his career planning kit in advance.”

  1. M said

    Actually, TP, I do.

    Roger’s loss of the man he called his first real coach, Peter Carter, in a fatal car crash.

    And Rafa’s family troubles (things like a marital separation, though they may seem mundane to most of us, can reverberate more percussively in a close-knit family, and can impact especially on those who use their close family as a principal means of emotional support in their quest to accomplish monumental things).

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