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Posted by tennisplanet on October 1, 2010

Ernests Gulbis Of Latvia Throws

Robin Soderling Of Sweden Returns

Robin Soderling Of Sweden Returns

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Acknowledges

Rafa, Tafa, Bafa – take it freaking easy. Don’t freaking swell up already. You are just freaking hitting a ball over the net and within the lines. Even Federer can do that.

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Chages

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Acknowledges

Rafael Nadal Of Spain Returns

Rafael Nadal Of Spain Signs

David Ferrer Of Spain Waves

David Ferrer Of Spain Reacts

David Ferrer Of Spain Reacts

Tomas Berdych Of The Czech Republic Serves

David Ferrer Of Spain Returns

David Ferrer Of Spain Reacts

Tomas Berdych Of The Czech Republic Reacts

What’s the application and where?

David Ferrer Of Spain Serves

Elena Dementieva Of Russia Returns

Italian Francesca Schiavone Reacts

Elena Dementieva Of Russia Reacts


13 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Jenny said

    Great pics, thanks TP. Congrats to all the winners 🙂 I didn’t see Rafa, but David did a great job slowly dissecting Tomas and breaking him down. He lost the first set 6-4 and then his brain went into strategy mode, moving Tomas out of the court and then coming into the net with some soft finesse touches and of course his famous returns from the baseline. Tomas got so frustrated after losing the second set 7-5 and was broken by Ferru 5-4 third set with Tomas double faulting on Ferru’s match point, not a great way to lose, but there you go, fortune favours the brave. It was a great match.

    • M said

      Thank you for the recap, Jenny – it’s *so* hard to even get a glimpse of the ‘Asian swing’ matches in real time; so frequently it seems like it’s already tomorrow there.

      Vamos Ferru!

    • xeres said

      I watched the Berdych and Ferrer match from second set and it was great tennis..the kind I love where they were at the net every now and then.
      I am really happy there’re players coming up from places like Kazakhstan and all… Golubev was a joy to watch esp with his one handed BH.

      As both tourneys are played at around the same time..I thought it’d be so tough..but Malaysian open was definitely ahead by leaps and bounds
      in terms of the quality of tennis.

      Speaking of which time to get back to the tennis 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I haven’t watched Thailand because of time constraints, so I can’t comment. I agree, Xeres, I like variety and some finesse in a match rather than just power ball bashing from the baseline with a zillion aces and too many cheap points. IMO Berdych and Ferrer certainly provided that variety yesterday, together with great movement and footwork.

      • Jenny said

        Great semi between Ferrer and Golubev. Full credit and match play to Andrey, he caused David too many errors, frustration and racquet killing today, but as always the feisty warrior just didn’t lay down and ‘die’. Nice acknowledgement at the net. Positives, David has gained valuable points and should now be officially in the top 10 on Monday and that pleases me 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I gather Garcia-Lopez has beaten Rafa in the semis, but hey, that’s tennis. Two high ranked players world #1 [Rafa] and #5 [Ferru tourney rank] losing in the semis to guys ranked #41 and #53.

        According to paper, Youzhny should take the title in Kuala Lumpur, but you never know.

        Close call between Nieminem and G-Lopez.

      • xeres said

        I was looking forward to the Golubev-Ferrer match but ESPN did not broadcast due to some unforeseen circumstances ! Grr
        Well I’m all excited about the final…two single handed BHanders and no matter who wins I am sure it’ll be great.

        Sorry about Ferru ,Jenny 🙂

        G-Lopez had this I-am-not–going-anywhere-attitude on court and it saw him through. It was very unlike Rafa not to make use of all those BP opportunities

  2. M said

    Very hot shots today, TP, thank you very much – as well as some hilarious captions, lol. 🙂

    (“Rafa, Tafa, Bafa”?? I’m thinking you need to take that call from Ms. Moore’s publicist … 😆 )

    • Jenny said

      LOL Hot Shots! Rafa in his pale yellow and facials, Tomas impersonating the Presley lip curl and Ferru into the Shakespearian theatrical, especially when he screams in frustration! Actually he was relatively quiet today! 🙂

      • M said

        Very much digging Ferru’s ‘Shakesperian theatrical’ in #14 here, Jenny (though I think #13 is my favorite shot of him in this set, actually). 🙂

        In that fluorescent yellow, it would be easy to confuse Rafa with the ball if he didn’t run so fast.

        Also, I have to admit to enjoying that #4 shot of him, even with the sweaty hair — I thought it was only Roger that could look like an Armani model coming off the court.

        (Also, #5 reminds me of how long he took to change after his match yesterday, and how many fans were getting shots in the clip from VamosRafa.Es — must find some way to get the USO officials to turn up the heat for his matches here, don’t care how they get it done … 😆 )

      • Jenny said

        That is a nice shot of Rafa, M. Ferru’s tongue seems to have become a feature which TP likes to dig out, but I like him when he looks quietly serene.

      • M said

        “Ferru’s tongue seems to have become a feature which TP likes to dig out”
        Yes! I thought that was just my imagination. 😆

        “but I like him when he looks quietly serene.”
        Me too – the pretty eyes seem to jump out then, don’t they?

    • D.S.G. said

      This reminds me, Tee, of the very funny photo and caption you did last year: Murray, Federer, and Nadal sitting side by side, in profile. The focus was on Federer’s face. He was giving an unaware Nadal a look through squinting eyes. The caption was,”Rafa, Kafa, Bafa, whateverfreakingtafa is going down.”

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