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Posted by tennisplanet on October 1, 2010

Which sports personality has met the most Heads of State in the world? In most cases it was the Head’s honor to receive the athlete instead of it being the other way around.


7 Responses to “Quiz.”

  1. Sarah said

    Muhammad Ali

  2. chipnputt said


  3. sperry said

    Knowing what TP knows about Ali, gotta go with that

    • chipnputt said

      Maybe, but Ali hasn’t traveled much in the last few years because of his health. On the other hand, Pele is everywhere. He played an important role in getting the World Cup to the US in 1994. He is currently a “global ambassador” for football. Plus, the 2014 World Cup is in Brazil and Pele played a huge PR role in getting it there. Let’s see what TP comes up with.

      • sperry said

        Yeah…i based my 100% guess on how much TP writes about Ali, and nothing else. Pele would be a reasonable answer, I’m sure.


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