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Posted by tennisplanet on October 1, 2010


TP I want a mailbox too !

TP here’s something to fill up that blank space in my mailbox space.

Hola :)
I’ll be 26 next month and have been watching tennis since I was 8.
I love all the investigative stuff on TV : Murder She wrote,CSI,Criminal Minds(I’m a Gubler fan :D),Law&order SVU,Bones….you get the idea.
I attend church every day.
Brought up in the Middle East.
IMO Canadians are the most polite people on this planet.
I am a foodie and love trying out new cuisines: Japanese and Italian are at top of the list.
Fav authors include Milan Kundera,Haruki Murakami,Kazuo Ishiguro,Jane Austen,Paulo Coelho,Nabakov,Mario Puzo
I love dogs and have three at home.
I support the “Peppy” boys=FC Barcelona and admire Arsene Wenger.
Favorite chair umpires: Carlos Ramos & Muhammad Lahyani. I am in love with Ulrich’s voice.
Love watching players with Single handed BH esp Gasquet and Youzhny. I’ll always be in love with Edberg.
That’s it for now.

The reason I decided I want a mailbox is that since I observe October as the Holy Month of the Rosary, I’ll be on my knees praying a lot and
I’d be happy to pray for you,your relatives and pets too :)
Please drop me a line at the mailbox with your prayer requests/petitions/requests. If you don’t want to post publicly you can get my email from TP and mail me.


7 Responses to “Xeres.”

  1. chieko said

    Great idea and welcome. 😀

  2. xeres said

    TP this is so embarrassing ! I mean I come here and there’s this.
    Is this because most of comments are addressed to you TP ?

  3. D.S.G. said

    Hello, Lamb! I’m glad you have a mailbox.

  4. M said

    Welcome, Xeres!

    Am I going to be the first to take you up on your generous offer? There’s a fair amount of rather debilitating illness in my family currently, and we could certainly use the blessings.

    I’m not as disciplined about being in church as you by a long shot, but when I am there I’d be happy to return the favor.

    And thank you.

  5. jett09 said

    Welcome Xeres!

    “I’ll be 26 next month”

    So your birthday is in November? Do you want to put your birth date on the Birthday Box? See you’ll get a cake (from TP), greetings from us freaks and you can make a wish (TP will grant it lol).

  6. chieko said

    Konichi wa ( good day) Xeres san ( honorific) 😀 !! So nice that you come and visit me !!

    I am sure all the citizen of this planet are happy that you have joined us. :Grin:

    You have I have noticed met our very nice people like Jenny san ( our ambassador, she welcomed me when I first got on): Jett09 san, M san, D.S.G. san . Claire san , Banti san, Bettyjane san, Dee san Bluechyll san and many many others whose name will come back to me later. I love them all very much.

    There is one nice lady who is not around that much these day, her name is Gracie san. She used to give us manay many valuable analysis, history and predictions very frequently for a long while. But in the last few months because her only sister Nina san is not well so she is not here that much. I hope one day you will introduce yourself and say hi to her directly. She is alos one lady I love very much. Would you please be kind enough to also pray for her and her sister !! I hope Nina san can beat her cancer and I DO HOPE Gracie san will come here again soon. I miss her trmendously and she is also very good friend to a lot of people her like Jenny san.

    Thank you for liking my country and my people. I am sure you will ride in your favourite bullet train soon. I hope you enjoy your day and your game. TP sama is a great webmaster. He/She/other?? ( I do think he is a he but??) is very funny and very hard working for all of us. I love this site and I am TP sama fan also. 😀

    Please post often Xeres san. I love your energy very much already!!

    Mata ( see you) Xeres san.


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