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Clifford’s dogs Kaiser and Russell. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 2, 2010


22 Responses to “Clifford’s dogs Kaiser and Russell. Thanks.”

  1. Ricke said

    Why do dogs shew on each other like that? Whenever we get the leash to go for a walk, my two dogs go nuts and start chewing on each other going crazy!

  2. Ricke said

    Clifford your dogs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us. I am a dog lover for sure.

  3. Jenny said

    LOL – That’s a perfect set of young white toothy pegs, Kaiser!

  4. M said

    LOL. How cool is it that Russell and Kaiser get their own premiere on YouTube? 😀

    Thank you for sharing their footage with us, Clifford!

  5. claire said

    Thanks Clifford, I really enjoyed that. I also like the rug! 🙂

    Rickie, my 2 dogs went crazy like your’s when we mentioned “want to go for walk” They really went after each other – running around the house,etc. I miss my little FiFi, it’s just not the same with 1 dog.

    • Bettyjane said

      You already heard how I love these guys Clifford, but I failed to remark on that lovely rug like Claire just did. (Is this Arts and Crafts style?)

  6. chieko said

    Oh your dogs are very happy and so cute.

  7. clifford said

    Thanks, everyone! Yes, the boys are great fun to have around. When I start working at home with my coffee, this is a typical morning ritual. Russell is very accommodating, and Kaiser has a lot of love for his older “brother”.

    I’ve been a way from the blog for two days, so this is a great surprise to see the pups on the main site! This was posted a few days ago in the “pets” section, but thanks, TP, for deeming it worthy.

    The rug, by the way, is one I bought for about $100 at a discount place years ago when I also kept an apartment, but it’s very large, so it’s in the living room of our house now- a big old fixer-upper Victorian that, unfortunately, will never lose it’s “fixer-upper” status! It’s a bit too contemporary for the room, but the dogs don’t seem to mind!

    • D.S.G. said

      It’s a kilim, no? It will go with so much! But best of all, Russell and Kaiser don’t object. Haha.

      I love to watch this video—it makes my heart warm. My Kato and Frances kiss each other ALOT. Kato cleans her ears too. Foxie would like to get in on the loving but they ignore him. I feel sad for him. Any suggestions?

      • RafaFan said

        Maybe Foxie needs a plastic surgery? Why don’t you post pictures or a video of your three dogs? Ask TP for a new mail box, no? 😉

      • D.S.G. said

        Hey RafaFan—If I were smart enough I would attempt a video or at least a picture of my lambs…maybe I can ask a friend to do it for me. I have read the instructions about photobucket (?) but it’s just too much…

        Haha plastic surgery!! I’m afraid he is too adorable as he is. Maybe the weight is a factor. Kato weighs 58 pounds (should weigh 45) and Frances is 24 lbs. So maybe they don’t see my little 6 pound Foxie, eh?

      • clifford said

        Our previous GSD, Sophie, who we lost in June, never paid any attention to Russell. She tolerated him, but was never playful, so the addition of Kaiser to the family has been really good for him. So I guess you can never really tell.
        Russell probably only has about another year or two in him- the vet says that his hips are the worst she’s ever seen!- so it will be interesting to see how Kaiser will react when he’s a bit older to a new, bouncing lab! Of course, the lab will also be a rescue dog- as long as there are shelters with unwanted dogs, we will never go to a breeder- so you never really know what you’re going to get until they sit in the living room and quickly become the best dog ever!
        My best to Kato, Frances and Foxie!

      • Jenny said

        I’m with you there, Clifford. My Collie has never done play or is demonstrative, into toys etc., he’s a dour Scot.

        My little Collie, Bess, used to run behind my lab and little terrier cross when they weren’t looking, growl and nip them on the backside if they teased her and wanted her to join in, she was having none of that nonsense!

        Clifford, I’ve known many a serious chronic HD lab live to a good 14 years and still be walking, and the vet’s head shaking in disbelief. Try adding a big teaspoon of cod liver or halibut oil to Russell’s food. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        PS Clifford, when I say large teaspoon, I mean normal rather than those little dainty ones of ladies who take tea, don’t overdo it. My Rudy only had a minor degree in one hip which didn’t bother him, you would never have known, but I gave him the occasional can of sardines in oil, I used to feed mine on occasions whole raw sprats, heads and all, straight from the fishmonger. Mucky, but my guys loved them – definately away from your rug! All old fashioned tips picked up along the way, hope it helps!

      • clifford said

        Thanks, Jenny

        Russell gets regular doses of fish oil to help his hips. Plus, he gets a very special (and expensive!) food that helps him to …*ahem*…assume a “hip-heavy” posture less often in the day. We initially had him on this food to aid in his recovery from adbominal surgery (at some point in his puppyhood he suffered a broken pelvis, and it wasn’t properly fixed by a vet, so when his organs shifted somewhat after surgery, he was having difficulties)but found out after about two months that it seemed to be preventing the seizures he had been having every so often! We don’t dare take him off of it, and he has now gone almost three years without a seizure. Hurray!
        So aside from the latent epilepsy, skin condition, fatty-deposit lumps, bad hips and complications from an improperly-healed broken pelvis, Russell is the picture of health!

        The sardines sound like a good idea. I’ll have to break open a can for some special occasion, like Tuesday.

      • Jenny said

        You’re very welcome, Clifford. Thanks to you, Russell looks the picture of health to me. A broken pelvis at such a young age is horrible, poor old sausage, I wonder how that happened? Did that cause his wonky hips progressing to HD? You definitely can’t take him off the epilepsy meds that’s for sure. I hope they enjoy their sardines for a treat! Over the years I’ve picked up good, helpful tips from breeders and the like. I used to give Rudy a can, LOL it was like feeding a peanut to an elephant! Surgical spirit is also good for ‘elbow rub’ and wounds, [CATS a definite NO..NO..for any home remedies, other than vet attention] dogs will sneeze for a second – got that tip from a racing greyhound breeder who was also into rescue and welfare.

        My friend is having similar problems with her 8yr old long coat Shepherd, the specialists can’t make up their mind if it’s CDRM, HD [confirmed] or spinal degeneration. If it’s CDRM, which it probably isn’t, thank goodness, no cure, so there’s no point replacing her hip joint if she completely loses the use of her back legs with CDRM. Spinal surgery of the type required has apparently only an approx 30% success rate so surgery is in the air. In the meantime, the specialist has put her on Chinese herbs together with conventional meds and they are helping her mobility. She may end up having to use a mobility cart.

      • clifford said

        A mobility cart? Ha!!!
        I’ve see dogs use those, and it is beyond cute. I saw this adorable little pug who hadn’t been able to walk for a while racing around from one person to the next to be showered with attention. So cute.
        Unfortunately Russell probably isn’t coordinated enough to use one…but perhaps we’ll see…
        Thanks for the tips!

  8. D.S.G. said

    Clifford, your 10/4 @ 8;23 message reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw once: “Never Breed Or Buy While Homeless Animals Die”

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