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Japan Open Draw featuring Nadal and Delpo.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 3, 2010

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10 Responses to “Japan Open Draw featuring Nadal and Delpo.”

  1. M said

    That top half looks like it has some interesting matchups:

    – Polito runs into Garcia-Lopez in 2R (assuming he gets past Feli, who has been known to beat people on HC, I don’t assume much these days),
    – Dima v. Gulbis (there’s a “will the grownup put down the upstart” waiting to happen),
    – Reeshard v. DeBakker (another “grownup v. upstart” ),
    – WC Nishikori v. Troicki – Kei will be the favorite in his home country, I think, and I wouldn’t put it past him to advance and do well (Rafa said last year he expected Kei to be Top Ten at some point),
    – Rafa v. Giraldo (every time I see Giraldo’s name pop up I keep thinking another upset is imminent 😕 ).

    (I hope we get some nice recaps *hint* 😛 — this is *so* not in my time zone, especially with the fall sched.)

    Thanks, TP.

    • Sol said

      M, unfortunately, Polito already lost to Feli. And with a baggel.

      • M said

        Hm. Already again with the “upsets”.

        I hope Feli played well. Polito’s going to get a media drubbing, then, for sure.

      • Jenny said

        It is a shame, but not altogether surprising and Delpo shouldn’t be drubbed, best concentrate on 2011. I know Feli can be a flake sometimes, but basically he’s a fine player.

      • M said

        Oh, absolutely. When I said “I don’t assume much” I meant that I wasn’t assuming Polito would win that matchup.

        I still think he – Polito, that is – may get pelted merely because expectations are so high for him. The cynical part of me says it doesn’t have anything to do with whether he deserves to get all that scrutiny.

      • Jenny said

        I must admit I can be a cynic, because this is all about unrealistic expectations and negative hype and I’m sorry to say it. For goodness sake, the kid’s only played 2 matches in 9 months. Even Nalby who’s far more experienced was losing [injury]in early matches after his return, he found a way back.

        Surgery day for our man from Chile – thoughts are with you Fena.

      • M said

        “Surgery day for our man from Chile – thoughts are with you Fena.”


        He may be in already, Jenny – they usually start surgery fairly early in the day here.

      • Jenny said

        I guess it depends where he is on the list, most hospitals here start their ops at around 8am. Of course it’s all held back if complications occur, or a particularly long procedure with the first patient. Infact a friend was middle on a list, already sedated, but her op was cancelled until the next day.

  2. Jenny said

    Tokyo: Gulbis, Del Potro, Falla, Schwank

    Beijing: Tipsy, Querrey, Berdych, Verdasco

    All out first round.

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