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Nadal’s loss @ Thailand was due to:

Posted by tennisplanet on October 3, 2010


11 Responses to “Nadal’s loss @ Thailand was due to:”

  1. xeres said

    Oh come on TP ..will you please get over the pink shirts already !
    Nadal himself has said many times that guys wear pink a lot in Spain.

  2. jett09 said

    “Thai girls not much of a motivation”

    😯 😕

  3. Manal Ismail said

    Definitely no uncle toni…definitely (in rain man tone)

  4. Growltiger said

    I hope the stories about Toni coaching Rafa during matches are not true, but if they are, Toni should not be allowed in matches. That is NOT tennis.

    • Jenny said

      In one instance this year, it was the umpire’s call and Rafa was warned. However, I think we should draw a line under it because no other official warning was given since then. I understand the US comms and some folk here spoke about off court coaching during the Open, our UK comms said nothing, they would normally speak out and have done if they see anything dodgy going on. That said, I do think any actual [rather than perceived] future infringements by any coach are addressed by the umpire or official and dealt with accordingly, because it is a breach of the rules, and there are ways to reach a fair resolution.

  5. CV. said


    What would this post be without you? You give such balanced
    and objective comments.
    I do look forward to your post each day with great anticipation.

    We all adore you, and your observations.

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