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Posted by tennisplanet on October 4, 2010

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Poses

TOKYO – OCTOBER 04: Rafael Nadal of Spain poses as he attends a welcome reception on day one of the Rakuten Open tennis tournament at Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba on October 4, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images)

  (L-R) Rafael Nadal Of Spain, Kei Nishikori Of Japan And Ayumi Morita Of Japan Attend A Welcome Reception On Day One

  Rafael Nadal (2nd L) Of Spain, Kei Nishikori (C) Of Japan And Ayumi Morita (2nd R) Of Japan Attend A Welcome

  (L-R) Former Tennis Player Shuzo Matsuoka, Rafael Nadal Of Spain, Kei Nishikori Of Japan And Ayumi Morita Of Japan

  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (2nd L) Of France, Gael Monfils (3rd L) Of France, Rafael Nadal (5th R) Of Spain, Kei Nishikori (

  Rafael Nadal (L) Of Spain And Kei Nishikori Of Japan Attend A Welcome Reception On Day One Of The Rakuten Open

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Poses

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Attends

Ana Ivanovic Of Serbia Reacts

Ana Ivanovic Of Serbia Returns

Michael Berrer Of Germany Drinks

  Ana Ivanovic Of Serbia Returns

Vera Zvonareva Of Russia Acknowledges

Dmitry Tursunov Of Russia Returns


28 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. M said

    Cerruti must be thrilled about all the free press they’re getting – Rafa’s been wearing their shirts to pre-tournament appearances since Miami this past March, I think.

    Is that Ferru, with the towel over his head?
    And is that Dima, looking like he’s returned from the Steppes?

    Thanks for the photos, TP! 🙂

    • saras said

      With the towel on his head is robin soderling.

    • Jenny said

      Thanks, TP, great pics. LOL M, Ferru playing on Tuesday and they’re not his legs or feet! Neither does he sit with a towel over his head and this guy is altogether too big! Looks like Soderling – he wears Lotto 🙂

      • M said

        Thank you, Jenny – I couldn’t remember if there was anyone else we follow regularly sporting that brand — but Ferru just did not seem to be the type to sport towel-on-head!

      • Jenny said

        I should have added it’s usually in his mouth!

      • M said


        Either that or, as earlier shots this week have shown, a tennis ball!

      • Jenny said

        lol yes, some of his habits are a hoot, like Rafa with his bottles! Even Robin with his head under the towel.

      • M said

        I LOL’ed when I saw a clip of Rafa and his water bottles in Thailand, Jenny. They were at the *exact* same angles to each other as they were here at the matches of his I saw. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        LOL Don’t you just want to do something 😈 with those bottles! Like nail them down!

      • M said

        LOL, I’m not that brave! Though I have to admit I’ve wondered sometimes what might happen if one of the ballkids bumped one …

        In another way, though, I can’t even say anything — some people I travel with say I’m just as bad, toting my protein sachets in my suitcase if I’m gone overnight and always asking “How far is the nearest Whole Foods?” if I’m traveling in the states.

      • xeres said

        During one of his matches a ball kid bumped into them and it took a couple of seconds for the kid to realize what he had done..
        he started to rearrange them..and Nadal was there in a waltz and did his own thing.

        I don’t remember who his opponent was..but during one of the points his opponent’s shot ended up knocking down the bottles and
        Nadal walked over to rearrange them before the next point.

      • Jenny said

        ..”but during one of the points his opponent’s shot ended up knocking down the bottles”

        LOL That does appeal to my sense of humour! 😈 I wonder who it was!

      • jett09 said

        Lol here’s one. Rafa came back to find the bottles were not where they were supposed to be 😆

        “Don’t touch the Bottles!”

      • Jenny said

        We are awful laughing at these guys, but never in a nasty way, that kind of stuff just tickles me, I think more because they don’t realise how comical some of them can be! I rarely laugh at staged comedy shows, this is real. We have Verdasco emulating Rafa’s bottle routine, Ferru with his ball dummy and rendition of Richard 111 or the ill fated matador lover in Blood and Sand, or Nalbandian calling Henman after a match “the worst rubbish there is” . Gonzo rubbing out a mark with his backside. There’s a lot of natural comedy out there, I think these guys have a sense of humour and would probably smile too. Thanks, Jett 🙂

      • M said


        Right, Monte Carlo! I thought it was very cute. Rafa smiled and was very polite, but I think the ballkid knew not to touch those bottles ever again!

        Thanks, Jett!

      • jett09 said

        You’re most welcome Jenny and M. It was indeed cute. The Ballkid looking at how Rafa meticulously positioned the bottles made me laugh.

        I’m surprised it didn’t go to moderation. TP must be busy with the goats 😆

    • saras said

      If you remember Roger’s You tube hitting the bottle from the top of the head, may be Federer should try aimimg at the bottles against Rafa in the next match up.What do you think ?

  2. Anonymous said

    Photo number 6 is a hoot, it looks like Rafa has been playing a joke on the Japanese guy.

  3. Dee said

    Recently I’ve noticed that Nadal’s pics look so mature, very confident and full of self esteem.His shy image has gone! He is coming out of his shell.

    • Jenny said

      I honestly think Rafa’s always been confident, but somewhat reserved. Also in the early days his English language was a barrier. Actually, I like a little reserve, not really into open books, but that’s me.

  4. Manal Ismail said

    Rafa probably has stopped combing his hair and just let it air-dry after a shower or so…

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