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Wheelchair star Esther Vergeer poses nude for ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’. What a freaking disgrace!!!!! You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!!!! Geeeezzzz, louiiiiiiisssssssssseeeeee!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on October 4, 2010


15 Responses to “Wheelchair star Esther Vergeer poses nude for ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’. What a freaking disgrace!!!!! You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!!!! Geeeezzzz, louiiiiiiisssssssssseeeeee!!!!!!”

  1. Jenny said

    Why not, TP? She’s an amazing tennis athlete and a beautiful woman who just can’t walk.

    • M said


      People squealed and howled and yelled about Serena’s nude pose for the cover last year too. I think the ladies look elegant and beautiful, and I don’t see the problem.

      Actually, I take that back. There *is* a problem — why don’t they ever ask Roger, Rafa, or Ferru?

      Funny anecdote – Rafa was asked, when posing with Esther for, I think, a US Open Kids Day promotion, if he would ever try to do wheelchair tennis. He said no. When asked why not, he said with a smile, “Too difficult!” 🙂

      • Jenny said

        “why don’t they ever ask Roger, Rafa, or Ferru” 😈 Keep an eye on your mail box!

        LOL Rafa, you know when you’re beat! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Posted and gone into moderation, M. I promise it’s decent.

      • M said

        Hee hee. Thank you, Jenny, for whatever it is – of course I trust your taste!

        *jumps up and down in anticipation*

  2. ClayBuster said

    What’s wrong with that, TP? Like Jenny said, she’s an amazing player (if there’s any player around who truly deserves the GOAT-tag, it’s her!) and a very pretty lady. It’s brave of her to do this and show that people in wheelchairs aren’t always ‘deplorable’. Kudos to her!

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I got to go with TP here. Ew : )

    • Super Mario said

      I can only agree, Shree V. I anticipate this post will create two parallel response threads: one with urinals, and one without… In fact it is doing so already.

  4. Bobby said

    Just because she is limited to wheel chair does not mean that she should not enjoy life.I appriciate her courage.She is an inspiration for others.

  5. Sol said

    Is it the fact that she’s posing nude for a magazine called “the body issue” that’s bothering you, TP?

  6. RafaFan said

    TP is freaking out because he can’t see her important body parts! He thinks it’s unfair! TP: “Are you freaking kidding me!” Geeeeeezzzz

  7. sperry said

    Much ado over nothing, methinks.

  8. Ricke said

    I respect her right to do it. I have to be honest, it is a little unsettling for me to look at.

  9. bunnee said

    tp, sir v, super m:

    what’s bothering you guyz? the wheelchair? can’t see beyond that huh? esther’s lovely… & accomplished!

  10. sperry said

    Ok…i’m retracting my “much ado about nothing.” ANYTHING that helps people look at people as people rather than throw them in a box/catagory (such as “handicapped”) is good. In some small way, then, this helps. (And this society can use all the help it can get.) You can criticize her for posing nude, but then you better be criticizing everyone for posing nude. I would hope you wouldn’t criticize her for posing nude because she is in a wheelchair.

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