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Brothers separated at birth?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 5, 2010

  Jarkko Nieminen Of Finland Celebrates

Novak Djokovic Of Serbia Hits

Robin Soderling Of Sweden Returns


8 Responses to “Brothers separated at birth?”

  1. Sol said

    You mean the hair, right?

  2. Manal Ismail said

    TP does manage to find “many” similarities among the tennis players be it man-man, woman-man….

    Seriously, Nole needs to put on another 5 to 10kg.

  3. Growltiger said

    I like the hair!

    Nole has gotten way too skinny. Tennis Channel is showing repeats of last year’s Shanghai right now and he had a lot more muscle then…in fact, looked like he was really working out his upper body. Now he looks like a stick figure. Where’s his trainer? Where’s his coach? Where’s his MOTHER?

  4. chieko said

    When Nadal san puts on muscles, the whole tennis world followed. Then he turned skinner, everyone loses muscles. Way to go Nadal’s way!!

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