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Gold standards: Federer vs Nadal.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 5, 2010

Here are the ‘most remembered when you are done’ records:

Calendar Slam: Federer came really really close but now that opening is closed shut. For Nadal, the window is just opening up with ‘one bite only’ condition – next season.

Most Slams: Federer 16. Should be able to squeeze in one more. Nadal 9. Can possibly match 16. Beyond that? Uncertain.

Career Slam: Matched.

Weeks at No. 1: Federer 285 weeks – that’s 5.4 years. Nadal: 64 – that’s a little over a year. Not freaking happening.


4 Responses to “Gold standards: Federer vs Nadal.”

  1. Sol said

    Yeah, the Calendar Slam ain’t happening anymore for Fed, which is a shame considering how many times he came close.
    The weeks at no. 1 record isn’t getting surpassed by Nadal, neither is the number of consecutive weeks at #1 record that Fed holds.
    How about Fed’s consecutive GS finals+semis? and Nadal’s consecutive clay wins? All pretty unbreakable…

    • Sergeant said

      Good call, Sol, re: 23 consecutive GS semis, I think Nadal has managed 6 straight semis. He might be focused on his current streak of 3. The 81 consecutive clay wins, also pretty scary.

  2. Manal Ismail said

    Hail to the swiss master….little spanish bro isn’t terrified to follow the step minus the number one holder (week or year), or so i presume.

  3. M said

    Their tennis *is* the gold standard.
    That is all.

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