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Federer stops in Hong Kong on the route to Shanghai. From Barbara. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 7, 2010


Federer stops in Hong Kong on the route to Shanghai:

Click here.



19 Responses to “Federer stops in Hong Kong on the route to Shanghai. From Barbara. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    Roger the Relaxed Rock Star. Look at him posing. 😛
    That’s a diplomatic and optimistic interview.

    Nice haircut, too, though does anyone else think it’s a little … short?

    Thank you, Barbara! 😀

    • Claire said

      Yes, I think that’s the shortest I’ve even seen it! Doesn’t shorter hair make men look younger?

      • M said

        “Doesn’t shorter hair make men look younger?”
        I think it depends on the guy. 😆

        Roger’s always looked kind of boyish to me when he smiles.

      • Jenny said

        I think it depends on the guy too. LOL I’m not suggesting long hair for the middle aged guys, but some of those in their 20’s even 30’s can get away with it, especially if they have great hair and a young face, eg Roger, Ferru. Rafa has nice hair too, but it is thinning slightly so he needs a clever cut by a good stylist, it is looking good right now, he’s far too young for the bald look.

      • M said

        “so he needs a clever cut by a good stylist”

        I almost hate to say it b/c they’re so lovely anyway imo, but I definitely think that’s what both Roger and Rafa are doing now, the ‘very expensive and stylish camouflage’ thing.

        “he’s far too young for the bald look.”
        It might be some sort of weird karma. Between 2006-08, I thought Rafa and Roger had the most beautiful hair I’d ever seen on a man.

        Ferru’s still looks great, imo — it’s not too short for you, is it?

      • Jenny said

        it’s not too short for you, is it?

        I guess it’s cooler in the heat because he has very thick hair, Rafa’s is naturally finer in type, but it’s too short for my liking 😈

    • Jenny said

      Thank you Barbara, and as M says 🙂 Don’t get me going on these short haircuts 😈 Some of the guys still look great in long, imo, others would look awful, eg Roddick, Nieminem, Soderling, Djoko who all look fine the way they are.

      • M said

        I’ve always thought Juanquí had one of the most stylish short cuts in the ATP.

        Him, and Marat, when he got his cut short. Such a perfectly-shaped skull on such a wild man! 😛

      • Jenny said

        I agree about Juanqui’s head shape and elegant back neck, his hair cut looks great.

    • Claire said

      I found these – definitely shortest I’ve ever seen his hair!!!

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Claire. Too short! Sorry Roger. I saw Peter Lundgren at Stan’s match recently, he must be in in forties and still wearing a greying ponytail, but he’s a bit of a rocker.

      • M said

        Not to stray too far off topic, but Peter definitely seems like one of the world’s cool cats. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        🙂 He’s a great coach, that’s for sure.

    • M said

      I remember it being *almost* that short before the 09 Australian Open. People had fits.

      But you’re right, Claire – I think it’s even shorter on the sides now than it was then.
      Still handsome though. 😛

  2. claire said

    If you go on Mens tennis blog there are a lot of pictures of Federer – I think his hair is too short – I think it makes you zoom into those thick eyebrows — but I guess his eyes look bigger! 🙂

    • Bonnie said

      Hi Claire, could you give me the website for this Mens tennis blog? I’ve never seen it and I’d like to check it out. Thanks!

      • claire said

        I Bonnie

        Click on the site I posted above!

      • claire said

        Sorry Bonnie,

        But that posting I put the web site are still has “Your comment is awaiting moderation” That always appears when I want to post a web site. Anyway just Google : Men’s tennis blog – Roger Federer

  3. Annie said

    His legs look rather fine in that suit.. *blush*

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