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What part of the career Slam Nadal is MOST excited about?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 7, 2010

Is it being just the 7th player in the history of the sport, finally dismantling that ‘clay-specialist’ sign around his neck, reaching No. 9 past the half way mark, winning three Slams in a season, winning three straight Slams…………? We are talking about MOST. I don’t think anyone of the above comes even close to the ‘real’ juice. Have a clue? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see, Nadal, on the court, against Federer assumes the cloak of a competitor that’s so extreme it begins to burn the periphery of the emotion laying adjacent called hate. While it’s too strong a word to describe the proceedings when the two are in that rectangle, it nevertheless can be quite a logical explanation to justify, in part, what Nadal has accomplished against such a mountain of talent and skill – comparatively. Just ‘bare’ competitiveness cannot sustain or explain the ‘radical’ passion that appears endless ever since Nadal began his career – specially when facing Federer.

If you even partially accept above BS, you will then find it easier to swallow this: Nadal MOST loved the fact that he was able to dampen Federer’s arrival at the same station just a year ago. Even though the two should be independent of each other incapable of sucking anything from anywhere, in reality it’s not, given the history between the two.

Federer getting there last year did not undermine what Agassi did but what Nadal did this season did impact Federer’s achievement for two reasons: Proximity and the fact that the two are tied to the hip. That ‘dampening’ is the juice Nadal is MOST excited about as it achieves two-fold objective: Dull Federer’s feat while advancing his own claim to be a GOAT – at least by a step – tying it with all the loose ends running all around like H2H, wins at AO and Wimbly final etc. That is so far over the top in the big scheme of things for Nadal and his team that all other branches mentioned above (in the first para) are ‘like totally’ insignificant and immaterial.

Nadal’s original mission may have been to be the greatest player in the history of the sport but if that doesn’t accompany the total crushing of Federer, the final product will lack the punch to allow Nadal to savor the victory fully.


4 Responses to “What part of the career Slam Nadal is MOST excited about?”

  1. grendel said

    ” but if that doesn’t accompany the total crushing of Federer, the final product will lack the punch to allow Nadal to savor the victory fully.”

    Assuming this is meant seriously, rather than being just an attempt get the posts rolling, it’s a bit of a puzzle. I’d have thought Nadal would be pretty satisfied with continuing to win the big ones. The Federer/Nadal rivalry is a little illusory, their being of different generations. Nadal will be very happy, of course, that he had a winning record against Federer in the latter’s prime. Continuing to beat Federer, always supposing he meets him again, won’t exactly be hollow, but nor will it carry the cachet that it once did. Therefore, to seek a “total crushing” of Federer would be an unhealthily obsessive sort of a goal which doesn’t seem to me to square with the relatively laid back Nadal. He’s already made his point.

  2. mircea said

    the ghost of Wilander will come back to haunt Nadal. Federer will become # 1 for a 3rd time.

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