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Here’s proof Federer’s lost it – completely.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 8, 2010

“Obviously he (Nadal) is a stronger player today than a few years ago but the same counts for me even though the ranking has slipped maybe a little bit.”

“With a few minor adjustments I think I can really beat the best without a problem. Without being arrogant but I know I have the game and I’m playing really well right now,”

“I have no intention to quit the game and I am looking forward to the future.”


What’s that famous quote of mine “Under promise, over deliver”? Talk about creating a monster – all by yourself. These are EXACTLY the statements Federer SHOULDN’T be barking out right about now. Is that even a no brainer now? Geeeezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that ‘no intention to quit’ crap shouldn’t be uttered even on a super direct question like ‘Are you planning to quit’ forget about when no one is even bringing it up. Nadal’s camp must be ROFL watching Federer self destruct psychologically without even stepping on the court.

How about beginning each presser from now on with “I am not retiring today”? Isn’t that the final destination of the road you are on today?

How stupid do you freaking have to be to be thinking that these words will wrest some kind of advantage back from your competition. How can his camp stand and let this go on?

Wouldn’t it be far advisable to say some stuff like this?

I have had a challenging season despite the AO title but as a competitor it only motivates me to work even harder to get back to winning ways as much as possible given the age and everything else splashed on my plate. But even if nothing materializes for whatever reason I am more than happy with what I have already achieved. I will continue to play as long as I have the passion for it – irrespective of how many titles I win.

If not, why not just revisit Mike Tyson’s famous words about Lennox Lewis’s kids and remove all speculation as to where you are headed?


13 Responses to “Here’s proof Federer’s lost it – completely.”

  1. claire said

    How about – “I’ll let my racket do the talking”

  2. banti said

    Maybe its the pressure of keeping his sponsors confident in who their representing. I think Fed and Rafa have a certain pressure outside of the court more so than the others in the top ten. This is too strange to think there isn’t a more sensible reason that’s driving him to say these things.

    • chieko said

      Good point Banti san.

    • Jenny said

      Good points, Banti. The neverending questions and speculation from the media. Fed must get sick to death with it all. As had been said so many times, he has nothing to prove, everything from now on is gravy and we should all enjoy watching him until he chooses to hang up his racquet. As Grendel said on another thread, he could very well spring some surprises, he isn’t quite done yet, imo.

      Mike Tyson, urrgh. Lennox Claudius Lewis, CM, CBE 🙂

      • chieko said

        Thank you so much Jenny san. Federer san is the first champion in tennis ( in any sports and entertainment) that I followed closely for a few years now. It is so heart breaking for me to see how people treat people when he is good, not so good or close to not good. I still think he plays great tennis. I pray that he can be healthy and does his best and still enjoy every match. For I enjoy watching him. There are other players but my passion I guess will never be the same. The joy of watching him win is so much good memory. I agree with you Jenny san, for to me, when he hangs up his racquet, I shall be lost in something but I shall be so proud and feel blessed for I was there when he was the best. Thank you so much Federer san. 😀

      • Jenny said

        I think you made a good choice with Federer, Cheiko san. Sadly, I’m afraid nasty and unfair criticism is fairly normal, it happens to them all at some point, don’t let it get to you. My other two beside Fed in his early days were Nalbandian and Gonzalez. I also admire Juan Carlos Ferrero who was also around at the time, but he was more clay court then, along with Carlos Moya and Guillermo Coria. Because I’m that much older than you, my original favourite was Bjorn Borg. 🙂

        Have to post this here, apologies Cheiko san – we’ve just heard, they’ve broken through to the trapped miners in Chile, Thank God!! 🙂

  3. O said

    Remember those years when Fed only lost 4 or 5 matches, even Nadal have not done something like that yet. It’s still Fed/Nadal after so many years, and they will win the big tourneys, you will see.

  4. Manal Ismail said

    Or was it the reporters’ annoying remarks and questions that made Fed say all that?

    • ClayBuster said

      Good point. He must be getting near sick-to-death from that scum by now, who keep on overhyping those-who-are-winning, and kicking down anyone who seems to be down-and-out. ‘Seems’, of course!

      Yet, I’d still rather see Feds letting his racket do the talking…

  5. Growltiger said

    I always think of Federer as the strong, silent type. He should return to that. Running his mouth like this makes him look weak.
    I agree he’s probably sick of the questions, but who isn’t sick of reporters? He should just give them the hairy eyeball and say “next question”. He does not need to prognosticate or explain. Seems to me he’s getting a little “tetchy”. He should put himself in Murray’s or Djokovic’s place(s). The reporters pound them constantly.

    • Jenny said

      hairy eyeball and say “next question” 😆

      I guess nearly 13 yrs as a pro might make one a little tetchy sometimes, Murray and Djoko have way to go..

  6. bunnee said

    aaaahhhhh, at least we can be sure roger does HIS OWN PUBLIC RELATIONS! would be kinda sad if he was managed to the hilt by spin doctors…

    that’s the upside from this communication thru the press…

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