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Posted by tennisplanet on October 8, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark Reacts

 Ivan Ljubicic Of Croatia Is

Andy Murray Of Britain Reacts

Ivan Ljubicic Of Croatia Hits

In This

Thought Ivanovic is resisting right about now: “Why don’t I just smash her over the head”.

Andy Murray Of Britain Reacts

Wonder what could he possibly be saying!!!!!!!!!

In This

Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark Prepares

 Ana Ivanovic Of Serbia Watches

Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark Acknowledges

  Nikolay Davydenko Of Russia Plays

India's TennisNOT the right combination of force and posture for many reasons.

John Isner Of The US Uses

Not the right ‘kid’ for Isner’s towel, don’t you think?

  Rafael Nadal Of Spain Celebrates


24 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Jenny said

    “Wonder what could he possibly be saying!!!!!!!!!”

    LOL 😈

  2. M said

    “Not the right ‘kid’ for Isner’s towel, don’t you think?”

    Aww, TP, come on – that pic is a potential classic! That ballkid looks like he’s saying “I don’t know what I’m in for, but I’m gonna see this thing through no matter what.” 😛

    Nice Rafashot too. Is he the only man that can make cheery fluorescent yellow look downright menacing?
    Thanks. 🙂

  3. chieko said

    I think the ball boy is thinking ……….wow …sooooooooo tall!! 😳 I am soooo short…. !!

  4. Manal Ismail said

    “Thought Ivanovic is resisting right about now: “Why don’t I just smash her over the head”.—

    Ana must be “so regretting it” now that she lost.

  5. Manal Ismail said

    That little boy must be feeling like a reminiscent of Indiana Jones….

  6. Dee said

    Awe! That Isner picture is priceless!

  7. Jenny said

    The final in Beijing has been delayed and should have started nearly three hours ago, it’s pouring out there. At least they have a roof on the main stadium in Shanghai. These rain delay situations are becoming ridiculous this season, tourneys must consider roofs to maintain a 500 or 1000 status. It isn’t fair on anyone, players and fans alike.

    • Jenny said

      We may not even get a final in Beijing today. Nole and David could have been on their way to Shanghai now, I hope the organisers in Shanghai have considered this and made allowances,
      or these two guys may lose out early on.

  8. Jenny said

    Apologies for posting my China Open [nothing personal, they can’t help if it rains] rants on this thread.

    Here again we have back to back tournaments disrupted [more disruptive to the two players in this final] because of rain. We have the defending champ [Djoko] trying to defend his title and running almost a day late where play may not resume until Monday. Fortunately, he has a bye in Shanghai and has qualified for London. Ferrer doesn’t have a bye, so the organisers darn well need to sort his schedule to try and give him an extra day’s rest, this guy is within sight to qualify for London. Knackered and unprepared player can’t do their best in Shanghai and that applies to both of them.

    Play abandoned, a Monday final.

  9. Sol said

    I saw that part where Wozniacki was on the ground in her match against Ana. She started crying hysterically and I thought she broke her leg or something. Everyone ran over to see if she was ok, the doctor came on court. I really thought she hurt herself badly. And then, she got strapped and started running around the court just like before. Ana was clearly puzzled. And let’s say the handshake was not very friendly at the net.

    • Manal Ismail said

      Sol (and this is pun intended), perhaps Caro learnt a few tips or two from Ana’s fellow compatriot (and arch-enemy?) Jelena on the drama queen part and how to outwit her.

      But kudos to Caro for her strong determination to win despite the injury. Any news on her vs Vera?

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