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Space for your concern for CV.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 8, 2010



On another post you asked how I was?

August was a very challenging month. I was forced to make a trip to the ER, resulting in finding of thyroid nodules. I have had further tests and investigations of the Thyroid Glands, and awaite the final results in a few days. Will keep you informed.

Thanks for you caring and enquiry.


76 Responses to “Space for your concern for CV.”

  1. Jenny said

    All the very best, CV, Take Care.

  2. M said

    Hope things get better for you soon, CV. Please take good care.

  3. claire said

    My neighbor had a seizure on Monday and found out on Tuesday he has a tumor on his brain the size of a fist!!! He had zero symptoms before the seizure!! His body is clear of cancer but will have brain surgery and wife hasn’t said but I think the tumor is cancerous – her husband is 44 today!

    You NEVER know what tomorrow will bring!


    I hope everything turns out o.k. for you. I will say a prayer for you!

  4. Bettyjane said

    The great majority of these nodules are completely benign. I like those odds and give you my very best wishes CV.

    • Raj said

      Even some of the malignant ones are not as bad as it sounds. With proper treatment they can be cured if diagnosed early.

  5. chieko said

    Dear CV san, I shall send you positive energy and do hope that you have a speedy get well. Please take care.

  6. jett09 said

    Healing thoughts and prayers heading your way CV. Take care

  7. bluechyll said

    All the best CV. Hope everything turns out fine!
    Take care

  8. Growltiger said

    Hoping for the best but as above poster said, even the worst when it’s thyroid generally isn’t that bad. Thyroid cancer is a slow grower. I’ve known a man who was diagnosed thirty some years. He’s fine. My thyroid is whacked, too. Been taking pills for years. Don’t buy trouble. Wait til the tests come in. You’ll be fine.

  9. chipnputt said

    CV… all the best. I’m sure everything will turn out just fine. Do take care.

  10. Ricke said

    Stay positive and be informed. Write all your questions down for the doctor and don’t be afraid to ask for better explanations. So often medical personal through jargon at you that you don’t understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  11. D.S.G. said

    Dear CV-

    It must be terribly difficult waiting for answers but I pray that you can have a calm heart and mind. But I do feel for your anxiety.Can you immerse yourself in books or movies to give your brain a rest from thinking about it?

    My prayers are with you,


  12. CV. said

    To All You Guys,

    Thank you for your encouraging words, optimism, information & prayers.

    I am positive most of the time. It is the rest of the family.
    particularly my daughter & my G/daughter, they are overwhelmed,
    and anxious. For their sakes I hope I will get the best possible results. By the middle of next week I will have a better idea of
    the test results and the way forward.

    Thank you all for you strength and suppor. You will be kept informed.

  13. Chicago fan said

    Hope you get some good news soon.

  14. CV. said

    TO All You Guys:

    TP, Jenny, M, Claire, Bettyjane, Ray, Chieko, Jett09, Bluechyll,
    Growltiger, Chipnputt, Rickie and D.S.G.

    Thank you for your encouraging words, optimism, infomation & prayers.

    Al the tests I did are with the Dr. for study and decision for the way forward. We should have an answer by mid week. I will keep you informed.

    Thank all of you for Caring.

    • chieko said

      Dear C.V. san, I hope that you have good moments daily. I pray that nothing let you feel too down. I wish that good news come soon.

      Please have a nice day today.
      Love Chieko

  15. Sergeant said

    Sorry to hear this, CV. But the comments above are encouraging. Best wishes.

  16. CV. said

    Chicago Fan,

    Me too I hope for the best, and am keeping everything crossed.

    I agree, Sergeant, the comments are very encouraging, and they give me hope.

    Thank you both for caring.

  17. Dee said

    CV,Really sorry to hear the news.My prayers are with you. ( You are in my prayer list)Take care. Love and best wishes, Dee

  18. Sol said

    CV, hope to hear some good news soon.
    Let us know.
    Take care.

  19. CV. said

    Dee & Sol,

    Thank you both for your prayers, words of encouragement, and caring.

    Will keep you infomed of developments.

  20. xeres said

    You remind me of my grandad who was diagnosed when I was 4. Stay positive and be courageous for your family.

    As a daughter who has gone through seeing my grandad and dad in tough times I can totally relate to how your daughter and g.daughter feel.
    Will be praying for you CV. Take care.

  21. D.S.G. said

    Dar CV-
    I was away from the computer all day yesterday and I prayed for you (I trust God knows who “CV” is 🙂

    Gosh, why does it take so long to find out test results?

    I’ll keep checking this site–thanks TP for providing it.


  22. Anonymous said

    My husband had these benign nodules and is having success with SYNTHROID. Best of luck, CV.

  23. Ash said

    Dear CV, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It’s a difficult time right now but stay positive.

  24. RafaFan said

    Stay positive. I hope you get better news soon! Best wishes CV!

  25. Bjornino said

    Feel better soon!

  26. Sarah said

    I hope you get some good news soon. 🙂

  27. D.S.G. said

    I check every day. How are things, CV?

  28. CV. said

    Xeres, D.S.G. Anonymous, Ash, RafaFan, Bjornino.
    and Sarah,

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement,
    support and caring. I will be back soon with some news.

  29. Stella said

    CV– I’ve been away for a bit looking after my Mum so I’ve just seen this thread. I’m certain all will be well. With all these amazing planeters rooting for you how could it not be ?

  30. Dee said

    CV,Just to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  31. Jenny said

    Just to say hello, CV. My thoughts are with you from across the miles.

  32. chieko said

    Hi C.V. san I do hope you have time to watch the Shanghai final.

  33. D.S.G. said

    Hey CV: I hope you’re doing ok

  34. CV. said

    Stella, Dee, Jenny, Chieko, and D.S.G.

    Accept My Gratitude, for Caring, for taking
    time from you busy schedule to check for
    updates, to send your positive thoughts and

    Stella, How is your Mum doing?

    • Stella said

      now she’s Ok CV but for a while there I thought I’d be living in England for a long while — but she seems recovered for now. Thanks for asking

  35. CV. said

    When I responded to Jenny’s query, I had no idea that the response would be so engaging.

    Thanks to TP for the Magnanimous Gesture To Facilite This


    Jenny, M, Claire, Bettyjane, Raj, Chieko, JettO9, Bluechyll,
    Growltiger, Chipnputt, Ricke, D.S.G. Chicago Fan, Sergeant, Dee, Sol, Xeres, Anonymous, Ash, Rafa Fan, Bjornino, Sarah, Stella.

    To each and everyone of you, please accept My Profound Appreciation, Gratitude, and Humility, for Your Caring, Your Good
    Karma, Positive Vibes,& Prayers,

    Thanks to all your efforts the News Is Good. I will be OK.
    There is no sign of the Big C. There is much relief in the home.
    This is one of the times when words fail to reflect my true feelings. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING, CARING & POSITIVE. Thank You.

    • Bettyjane said

      Marvelous news. I got goosebumps reading it. Thank you for letting us know.

    • Jenny said

      This is great news for you and your family, CV. I am so happy for you 🙂 Thank you for letting us know.

      Continued Best Wishes from us in the UK.

    • Sol said

      CV, that’s fantastic news!

      Thank you for sharing and best wishes for you and your family.

    • M said

      \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

      CV, my family has three survivors, so your wonderful news is very very resonant.
      Continued blessings.

    • bluechyll said

      Wow, that’s excellent news!!!!
      I’m so relieved for you and your family, CV! I had my fingers crossed and my breath held while reading your post!
      Best wishes and enjoy the good news!

    • Dee said

      I am so happy for you CV,Good news First thing in the morning!I thank God for answering prayers.I had a revelation two days ago.without asking God to bless me, ask how to bless someone else.You still will be in my prayers CV and your family. Love Dee

    • chieko said

      Yippeeee!! C.V. san. I am sooooo happy for you. I am sure your family are happy too. We have such a good site. It warms my heart to know everything is good now.

      Positive vibes always.

    • banti said

      CV I’m happy to see the good news today as well. I’ve lost two grandparents to the big C and know what you went through . Glad you can finally put this behind you . Thanks for the uplifting news.

    • claire said

      I am so,so,so happy for you! 🙂 I bet you feel like you have been given a new lease on life! 🙂

  36. CV. said


    Thanks, I was able to watch the match.
    Murray had a happy, happy, field day.

    He has all the tools in his arsenal,
    to win GS, & become No 1, it is his
    to execute.

    • chieko said

      I agree. Murray san is champion material for sure. I am also confident that he will win his first grand on soon. 😀

  37. CV. said


    Thanks again.
    Your Caring & Shraing was the Genesis
    Of this post with the Overwhelming Outpouring.

  38. CV. said


    It is my duty & pleasure to inform you all.
    You Guys took so much time and displayed so
    much caring on my behalf, I cant Thank YOU ALL ENOUGH,

  39. CV. said


    LOL, My spelling is out, it is ‘Sharing’

  40. chipnputt said

    CV — fantastic news. Do take care and best wishes with you always.

  41. CV. said


    Thanks for your Prayers & Positive Vibrations. They are a Blessing & Insperation. Your words Fortify Me.
    Am appreciative of your contined Prayers.
    Thanks Again.

  42. CV. said


    Be assured I will do all that is necessary
    to stay well. Thank you for Caring.

  43. CV. said


    RIGHT ON! This is indeed an excellent sight.
    We are A Union.

    Family & Friends are Happy & Relieve.

    Thanks for the Positive Vibes, and your continued
    Caring & Words of Encouragement.

    Agreed. Murra’s time will come, of that I am sure..

  44. Raj said

    Glad to hear that everything turned out OK. I have been checking everyday for the update and hoping for some good news. The long wait must have been agonizing for you. Now you can relax and count your blessings.

  45. CV. said


    Thank you for your Support and Caring.
    The Family is indeed happy and enjoying the Good News
    SO AM I.

  46. CV. said


    You know exactly the feeling in the home.
    We are Happy, Thankful & Relieve.
    Thanks for your Motivational Expressions.

  47. CV. said


    Excellent news indeed. Family & Friends are overjoyed.

    I am Grateful to all of you for staying with me during
    this challenging time.
    Thank you for Caring.

  48. CV. said


    Thank you very much for taking time from your busy schedule to check everyday, for Caring Enough To Do So.

    I Am Truly GRATEFUL.

  49. Stella said

    I’m so glad that your news was good— and isn’t this a great bunch of friends ?

  50. CV. said


    Thanks for giving of your valuable time on a daily basis to ascertain my condition. It is at times like these that we are able to appreciate the true value of Human Relationships.
    The long wait was cushioned by the Caring & Support of ALL OF
    You. I am indeed Counting My Blessings.

  51. CV. said



    Thank you for CARING.

  52. Ricke said


    So excited to hear your great news! I know how hard it is to wait for test results. You want to stay positive, but there is always that sick feeling in your stomach and nervousness until you find out. I bet you feel as if the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders. Celebrate life now! We are all so blessed to get to know each other from this special site.

  53. CV. said


    You are welcomed.
    Am glad your Mum is OK.

    Being in England would be a good thing with Jenny
    as a neighbour.

  54. xeres said

    Just yesterday in church I was thinking of whatever happened to your visit to the doc and today I come here and see this.
    It’s great news CV.Take Care.Wine and dine with family and friends 🙂

  55. Anonymous said


    Thank you very much for Caring,
    and for taking time out to post.

  56. CV. said


    You know the feeling, its indeed ‘A new lease on life’.

    Thanking you for Caring, Praying, and Staying with me all this time.
    I am truly Grateful.

    How is your neighbour doing? He is just a year older than my son. A young man.
    I pray for the best Possible Result.

  57. CV. said


    Thanks to you I was well prepared wiih my page of questions.
    Your Prayers & Positlve Vibes was always with me.
    Thanks Again.

  58. CV. said


    Thanks for your Advice, Enouragement, & Prayers.
    The Family Is Ecstatic.
    I suspect a suprise is in the works for celebrating
    the Good News.

  59. D.S.G. said

    Oh CV, I was off the computer yesterday and today when I checked in I saw your wonderful news. I am so happy for you and your family. I was also very happy to read the notes from other people. The human family is pretty amazing.

  60. Anonymous said


    You have stayed with me, following the post daily, writing regurlary, and praying for me; please accept My Everlasting Gratitude. I cant Thank Y

  61. CV. said


    Thank You for taking time out from your Busy Schedule to make daily checks for updates, the messages, and your Prayers.
    You Positive Energy was a Main Stay.
    You are a Blessing. Thanks Again.

  62. CV. said


    Thank you for sharing in my challenge, and for Your Informative & Caring words.

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