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Disappearing professions.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 9, 2010

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2 Responses to “Disappearing professions.”

  1. Growltiger said

    Somehow I’m not worried about reporters and journalists disappearing. For the past x decades political reporters (in the US — don’t know about anywhere else) have been nothing but propagandists for their party. I went on a rant a month ago about the bias of sports reporters to which TP bloggers gave excellent examples. I think reporters/journalists might be able to recover if they’d put their biases aside and just give us the facts. For the others, except for judges, they’ll be missed.

    • Jenny said

      We certainly have political bias in some areas of the media. The radio and TV are neutral, or they come across that way, but our newspapers clearly attach themselves to either one of the two main parties. Right now, we have a Conservative Prime Minister and a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, Labour are out in the cold. Most of us here tend to buy a newspaper that lends itself to one’s political preference. I agree with you about some sports journalists and certain comms of which we’ve spoken about before.

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