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Federer Arrives in Shanghai. From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 9, 2010



5 Responses to “Federer Arrives in Shanghai. From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. Banti said

    Fed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Claire, once again. 🙂

  2. M said

    Thank you, Claire 🙂
    Go, Roger!

  3. chipnputt said

    I like the way he say he was tired last year — winning the French, winning Wimbledon, doing well in America. Well, no such problems this year, so he’s here in Shanghai. Never mind how silly that sounds but has he just ensured that all of China will be rooting for him to lose quickly RG, W, and USO every year from now so he comes and plays Shanghai?

    • Annie said

      Lolz. I won’t pretend that I was rooting for an epic Federer final at RG this year, considering I had tickets for Halle.

  4. jett09 said

    Roger is looking young as ever!! Thanks Claire.

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