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Laver, I don’t think that will cheer him up. And shouldn’t you be even attempting that in the locker freaking room? Besides, by now there may be nothing left anyway.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 9, 2010


17 Responses to “Laver, I don’t think that will cheer him up. And shouldn’t you be even attempting that in the locker freaking room? Besides, by now there may be nothing left anyway.”

  1. Jenny said

    You are just awful, TP!! – poor Mr Laver. That had to be Fed’s loss to Nadal at the AO?

    • M said

      Yes, it was, Jenny.

      (And yes, TP is. :evil:)

      I remember all the officials, as well as Mr. Laver, looking really nonplussed, like they almost couldn’t understand they had to give the trophy to Rafa and not Roger.

      Roger had won in 04, 06, and 07, and they love him in Melbourne, and they were really ready to crown him with his 15th … and they didn’t know Rafa that well at all then, I think, the great champion he would become …

      and Roger couldn’t hide his disappointment, and I think they really didn’t know what to do.

      • Bjornino said

        They were there to crown him for no 14, not 15. And I would assume they knew Rafa pretty well since that was his 6th slam, and since he beat Federer at Wimbledon in “the greatest match of all time” about 6 months earlier 😉

      • M said

        Sorry about the numbers, Bjornino. (Clearly my thinking about Roger’s RGs has been a bit muddled lately, since it also slipped my mind recently that the Sod beat Roger in this past year’s RG, and I don’t know how that happened, since I saw that match.)

        But my point about Rafa is not that they didn’t know who he was — of course they did.
        What I meant was — and I stand by this, in part because it upset me so much as a fan of Rafa’s as well as one of Roger’s — that they were unused to thinking of him as the same caliber of champion as they clearly thought of Roger.

        (To further buttress the point, since you bring up the GMOAT — don’t you remember all those people whom after that Wimbledon, argued and argued that Rafa’s victory had been practically an accident, instead of a tempestously hard-fought, hard-earned, and well-won victory over his best and mightiest opponent?)

        I mean, come on. Don’t you remember how uncomfortable all those official-type guys looked up there on the podium? They didn’t know where to look. I submit they were prepared for Rafa to be in the final, but they were not prepared to hand him the trophy.

        My point wasn’t so much the Pete-tying/beating number, whatever it was, but that they seemed to have come to the tournament looking to crown Roger, not Rafa, and it looked to me like it really confused them to do something other than what they’d been planning to do. And all I’m saying is there was still a lot of support for that line of thinking then … though they certainly couldn’t get away with it now.

      • Bjornino said

        Thank you M, very good post.
        “that they were unused to thinking of him as the same caliber of champion as they clearly thought of Roger.”
        They might have to live with the fact that in the future Nadal will not only become a champion of the same caliber as Fed, but of a superior caliber. You are of course very right, they all wanted to hand that trophy to Federer. But tennis is about winning, and Nadal won, and they had to deal with it 🙂
        I also think a maybe even bigger reason they felt awkward was that they didn’t knew what to do when Federer started crying. Nadal solved that situation by comforting Federer. THat, imo, was on of the classiest things I’ve ever seen anyone do on a tennis court. I don’t think anyone else would have done that, including Federer.

  2. Overcaffeinated said

    You are a sick, sick puppy, TP. Very, very sick.

  3. bunnee said

    awww, why rub in old wounds?

  4. Manal Ismail said

    In conjuction with Shanghai Masters, I dont know whether that would do anything with Fed’s mental stability. And Rafa(tafa-bafa) just clinched his 43rd title at Japan ATP500

    Funny though (in a disgusting way)!

  5. Manal Ismail said

    *conjunction (typo)

  6. CV. said

    Manal Ismail,

    Please explain, “in a disgusting way”

    I didnot see the Japan Final.
    Thank you.

  7. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Hilarious caption to go with a funny photo : )

  8. Lord Oompa Loompa said

    How undignified & improper! TP, have you no decency towards two of the game’s legends???

    • Bjornino said

      Oh yes he does. And he’s got a sense of humour as well. Welcome to Tennisplanet, nice to have a visitor from the Chocolate Factory with us 😉

  9. CV. said

    Thank you Manal I.

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