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Does brain size affect a person’s intelligence?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 10, 2010

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10 Responses to “Does brain size affect a person’s intelligence?”

  1. TheHumbleOne said

    The authors of this study need to be more careful…
    Let me make this clear: For the record, I did NOT grant permission for them to display the model of my skull on the left for purposes of this article,
    Thank you very much.

  2. claire said

    Seems like some super bright people are a bit wacko!! I was recently reading about Mozart and Beethoven, they both had very strange personalities!!

    My friend is having brain surgery on Wednesday, the 13th. He had a seizure one evening and it was discovered he has a tumor the size of a fist! He had no other symptoms before the seizure – the tumor had been growing for years! I guess the tumor finally hit a part of the brain that causes seizures! He has 3 boys 10,8 and six. Thank God there was no cancer in the rest of his body! Also thank God he wasn’t driving when the seizure happened. Makes you wonder how many car accidents are caused by a health problem! Yes, the brain is a complicated organ!

    Please pray for him!

    • Jenny said

      I wish your friend all the very best, Claire. Our own Russell Watson [tenor] had brain tumours, more than one op, and he’s fine and singing again.

      Sometimes the super bright lack broad commonsense, they tend to be intense or even obsessive and unconventional which is often perceived as wacky, it’s getting the balance right.

  3. CV. said


    So sorry to hear of your friend’s surgery on wednesday.
    We will be praying that all goes well.
    Life on this planet is full of challenges. We do the best we can
    and go with the flow.

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