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Is Nadal closing in on the dangerous ‘Seles’ proportion?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 10, 2010

Seles ran into trouble ONLY when she had established beyond a shadow of doubt that she WILL not just stop Graf in her tracks but will also eclipse ALL of her records – before Graf retires. Did I give it away too early? What choice do I have dealing with toddlers?

So far Nadal had been just holding Federer back from gaining significant traction on a journey named ‘charmed’. That in itself aroused enough animosity worldwide to where fan hatred for everything Nadal reached a frenzy that needed a gathering of ultra professionals in Nadal’s camp to sail over with minimal damage.

But now Nadal is entering a phase where the ‘holding back’ episode is in storage and the ‘destruction of legacy’ mode is fully engaged – and closing in – fast. To not let anyone progress AND to obliterate what someone built up after nearly a decade of hard work cannot coexist without something give way.

Hope someone somewhere realizes the dynamic and establishes ample checks to eliminate the possibility as Nadal moves closer to the ‘Seles’ syndrome. This equation is very rare in not just tennis but in the history of the sport where the incumbent comes under fire even before he moves away from the sport. Add the epic popularity not witnessed through any other tennis player and you know there’s smoke there already.

Who I think are most to be watched? That Gavin guy, Wawrinka (given the right stimulation), that Vogue editor clown, Blake?, Mirka (in an effort to compensate for the ‘hit’)…………….


2 Responses to “Is Nadal closing in on the dangerous ‘Seles’ proportion?”

  1. M said

    TP, do us (especially those of us who love both Rafa and Roger) a favor, please.

    Don’t give the crazies any ideas.

  2. Anonymous said

    EXACTLY so, M! My dream is to see Roger and Rafa plahy a finla where they are BOTH fit, no bad knees, no bad back and see who wins….

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